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Election 2020 Results

 The 2020 United States Presidential Election was held on Tuesday, November 3. Due to the continuing threat of COVID-19, Governor Newsom issued an executive order requiring county elections officials send vote-by-mail ballots to all registered voters. In-person voting opportunities were offered to Californians as well. 

Most states across the country set new records in voter turnout. Nearly 65% of the voting-eligible population participated. The most in any election in more than 100 years. In California, nearly 18 million people voted (70.8% of eligible voters), making this the highest voter turnout since 1952. 

“This was an election unlike any other in modern American history,” former Secretary of State Alex Padilla said. “And it would not have been possible without the contributions of elections officials and poll workers alike. Their work maintained the resiliency of our democracy during a global health crisis.” 

YES on Prop. 15: Schools and Communities First Results

Against all odds, Prop. 15 made history – taking on the toughest fight in California to address our most pressing challenges.

“Educators are deeply grateful to California voters who joined our incredible community and labor coalition that came together to put students and families ahead of additional profits for a handful of big corporations. We came very close, but we demonstrated the power of democracy in action. We demonstrated the difference we can make for ourselves and the next generation. That alone is a victory. The fight for much-needed funding for equitable resources continues as our schools and communities face billions in devastating budget cuts.” 

CTA President E. Toby Boyd