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In recent years, educators have faced both unprecedented challenges and exciting new opportunities. Whether it’s fighting against attacks on public education, standing up for social and educational equity, bargaining a local contract, or winning school board races, organizing is the cornerstone for building union capacity and any successful chapter campaign.

The CTA Organizing Plan was developed to support chapter organizing in three core areas: Strong Local Unions and Organized Sites, Community Organizing for Public Education, and CTA Structures: Data and Alignment of Resources.

This CTA grant program provides release time to local presidents to lead a site-based organizing program within their chapter. All chapters that meet the criteria, are willing to do site-based organizing work, and submit a timely application will be accepted into the program.

The program launched in January 2024 and runs through June 2025 in three semester programs: Spring 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025. Presidents will have an opportunity to apply for and join the program at the start of each new semester.

Applications for the Fall 2024 are now closed! The Spring 2025 applications open October 14, 2024. 

Local presidents currently on full-time release cannot apply for additional release time through this program. They may submit for Organizing Project support instead. More details are below.

CTA is excited to announce a new funding effort for comprehensive organizing campaigns that are rooted deeply in our worksites and in our local communities. This CTA Organizing Plan new funding initiative provides additional support for local chapters that already have full-time release presidents.

Details about the funding process, putting together your organizing campaign plan, and submitting a proposal can be found below.

The Organizing Plan offers resources that include training opportunities, worksite and chapter organizing checklists, and local planning worksheets to support chapter leaders as they build their organizing program. View individual resources or download the full toolkit using the button below.

Regular conversations with members are key to good organizing and regular site visits are the most effective way to accomplish this. The Plan offers tools and training opportunities to help leaders conduct successful site visits. View individual resources or download the full toolkit using the button below.

The Organizing Plan offers new grants to facilitate release time for strategic planning sessions, meeting expenses, and site visits. These new grant opportunities are in addition to already existing member engagement grant opportunities.