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CTA Logo

The most fundamental visual element of the CTA identity is the CTA logo. Its thick line weights and bold presence make it powerful in any application. In place of a regular crossbar, the letter A features a mortarboard icon to reference education. This mortarboard can be used on its own in certain instances as detailed later in this reference guide.


CTA Primary Signature

The CTA logo and logotype combine to form the CTA signature. The flush left logotype signature is the suggested format when the signature appears alone. The logotype is created using Futura Bold.

Whenever possible, use the primary signature configuration of the CTA logo and logotype.

CTA (California Teachers Association) LogoCTA (California Teachers Association) Logo


CTA Secondary Signature

The secondary signature configuration should also maintain a consistent amount of surrounding clear space.

Suggested uses

  • Canva or PowerPoint footers for presentations
  • Landscape web ads, flyers, or cards


Logo Color Variations

The preferred usage of the CTA logo is in CTA blue on a white background. However, any of these approved color variations may be used as an alternative when necessary.

The logo itself must always appear in CTA blue, white, or black.

Please refer to the color palette guide above for official color codes.

CTA Logo Color VariationsCTA Logo Color Variations


Color Palette

The acronym ‘PMS’ refers to the Pantone Matching System which is a standard in the printing industry. In order to maintain the integrity of the CTA identity and to provide consistency in color, we request that when printing in one-color you use PMS 2728 C, when printing in 4-color you use the following build (C=98 M=82 Y=0 K=0), and when showing in RGB you use the following build (R=23 G=67 B=168). The equivalent web and digital color is #1743A6.


HEX – #1743A6
RGB – 23, 67, 178


PMS – 2728 C
CMYK – 98%, 82%, 0%, 0%



As the CTA identity has evolved, so has our use of type. The serif Noe Display Bold, our primary display typeface, sets a confident, modern tone for CTA printed collateral and digital communications. It also supports a wide range of applications.

The sans-serif Sailec has been selected for our secondary typeface within the CTA identity. Sailec is a very clean and geometric typeface that supports a wide range of applications. It’s available in three weights – regular, medium and bold – each with matching italics.


Noe Display Bold



CTA Typeface DigitalCTA Typeface Digital


#WeAreCTA Logos

To allow greater flexibility, the #WeAreCTA logo has been designed in vertical and horizontal formats, with reversed options. Blue, white, and black versions of the logo are available for download below.

The #WeAreCTA versions of the CTA logo are to be used strictly for social media needs.

#WeAreCTA Logos#WeAreCTA Logos