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Invaluable Perspectives and Experience

An active and robust branch of CTA belongs to our retired educators. CTA/NEA-Retired members provide a strong voice for education retirees in California, promoting the interest of retirees by working to set policy that will affect current educators into the future.

Retired educators offer invaluable perspectives, institutional knowledge and routinely volunteer in elections and legislative campaigns. Retired educators represent the interests of retirees on CTA’s State Council of Education, our policy-making body. CTA/NEA-Retired members may form local chapters and they volunteer in elections and legislative campaigns in the state and national area. 

Membership in a CTA/NEA-Retired chapter provides something for everyone. What do you want to accomplish during your retirement years? Travel? Volunteer or work part-time? Pursue hobbies? Membership will deliver rewards throughout your lifetime.

How Can I Become a CTA/NEA-Retired Member?

There are a few ways to join CTA/NEA-Retired: 

  • Paying monthly dues amount of $5.70 deducted from your CalSTRS or CalPERS pension check.
  • Making an annual payment $85 by check or credit card
  • Paying a one-time, lifetime membership payment of $600 by check or credit card (*Active members are eligible for pre-retired membership by paying the $600  one-time lifetime membership fee)

Becoming a member of CTA/NEA-Retired covers membership with both CTA and NEA. Retired educators may also join one of the retired chapter affiliates.

For membership questions or for more information, call 650-552-5439 or e-mail

Advocating for Retired Educator Rights

As the fight for retirement security continues in California, CTA provides updates on employee benefits and works to separate the myths from the facts. 

Celebrating Retired Educators

The Ellen Logue Who Award For Outstanding Retired Educator

Annually, CTA/NEA-Retired honors one member who has continued to be active in his or her retirement by exhibiting leadership in CTA, in public education and in the community. The recipient is recognized at our Annual CTA/NEA-Retired Issues Conference.

CTA/NEA-Retired Pedretti Credential Candidate Scholarship

In July of 2021, CTA/NEA-Retired member Gloria Pedretti reached out to CTA/NEA-Retired, wanting to help potential educators in their credential preparation journey and willing to provide a generous donation in order to make this happen. Together, we created the Gloria Pedretti Credential Candidate Scholarship.

Sharilynn Gardella Russo Memorial Scholarships

The Sharilynn Gardella Russo Memorial Scholarships provide financial aid to students pursuing a college degree/certification in a Speech Pathology and/or Audiology- related career in public education. Sharilynn, a retired Speech Pathologist and Audiologist in Contra Costa County Schools, was the Vice President of CTA/NEA-Retired and had just been elected President when she tragically died in a car accident in March 2012.

Donations are gratefully accepted anytime of the year and are tax deductible. 

Please make checks out to the CTA Foundation for Teaching and Learning with the following notation: Sharilynn Russo Memorial Scholarship Fund in the memo line of your check. 

Checks should be mailed to: 

Check should be mailed to the new Secretary-Treasurer:

Debra Sheehan
3045 Capitola Road, Apt. 17
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

For more information about these scholarships, please contact CTA Retired –

2024 Elections Official Announcement and Details

CTA/NEA-Retired Officers and State Council Representative Election

CTA/NEA-Retired has opened nominations for its 2024 elections, starting May 6, 2024. Members can run for positions including Officer seats, State Council Representatives, and Alternates. The voting period runs from May 20 to May 25, with results announced on May 28.

CTA/NEA-Retired 2024 NEA RA Election

We are proud to announce the closing of the CTA/NEA-Retired RA State Delegate Election, which took place from February 26 to March 18, 2024. The CTA/NEA-Retired Elections Committee has verified the online election results, and the final tally can be viewed here. We extend our sincerest congratulations to all newly elected CTA/NEA-Retired delegates!

Officers and Executive Board 

Our officers and executive board members work to ensure the needs of our Retired Educators are addressed. 

CTA/NEA Retired: FAQs

CTA/NEA-Retired members are eligible for one (1) hour of legal consultation paid by CTA on matters concerning retirement benefits, health and welfare benefits, or substitute employment. This program has recently been expanded to include a 30-minute free legal consultation (no more often than once a year) with a participating CTA Group Legal Services attorney on other matters. These other matters do not include income taxes, intellectual property or immigration law.

To be eligible for these limited legal consultation benefits, the individual must be a continuous member of CTA and/or CTA/NEA-Retired, including the time the incident given rise to the need for legal assistance occurred and the time of the request for legal services. In addition, the individual must maintain membership while legal assistance is being provided.

Please contact Lupe Alvarez, CTA Legal, at 650-552-5423

Your CTA membership card is sent to the address in the CTA Falcon database. Members receive one (1) card and may request replacements on an “as needed” basis by calling the Membership Department at 650-552-5278.

Membership cards for annual members run one (1) time yearly in October.

Pre-retired members do not receive a card until CTA is notified that the member has retired and membership has switched to CTA/NEA-Retired.

To ensure a smooth transition after retirement, you must call CTA Membership at 650-552-5278 to change your active status to CTA/NEA-Retired.

If your retirement date occurs during the school year, your CTA/NEA-Retired status changes immediately upon calling CTA Membership.

If your retirement date occurs at the end of the school year, you will remain as an active CTA/NEA member until August 31. Your CTA/NEA-Retired membership becomes effective September 1.

Enrollment forms received in the Membership Department by the first day of the month will be enrolled for the following month’s deductions and for the member to not have any break in their membership status.

Annual members will receive a reminder letter (usually in July) to renew their membership for the subsequent year.

Fax enrollment form(s) to 650-552-5061 or email

Credit card payments are only processed by the Membership Department at 650-552-5278.

For general questions regarding your policy, please call 800- 982-1775, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PST

For questions related to premium increases, please call 888- 877-4934, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PST


Contact your Local Chapter President

Download the CalSTRS Ombudsman or call CalSTRS at 800-228-5453, press 4 to speak with an agent

Call Michi Higashi, CTA Legal, at (562) 478-1349

Please visit the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) website or call 800-228-5453.

Speak with your local STRS Counselor by visiting their website or calling 800-228-5453, select option 3.

Please visit the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) website or call 800-228-5453.

Please call the NEA Members Insurance Trust at 800-637-4636.

Please e-mail Orval Garrison, CTA/NEA-Retired President,

Visit the CalPERS main website, the Regional Offices page, or Call 888-225-7377.

CTA Member Benefits, 650-552-5200

NEA Member Benefits, 800-637-4636

Be Protected

CTA/NEA-Retired devotes 100% of its time and resources to serving the combined interests of retired teachers, educators, college and university professors and education support professionals. In conjunction with CTA and NEA, CTA/NEA-Retired maintains a constant vigil on federal legislation that may affect retirement benefits. 

This includes working to repeal the unfair Social Security Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), opposing efforts to privatize Social Security and working to strengthen Medicare. 

CTA/NEA-Retired chapters help their members be protected with a variety of risk management and asset protection benefits available with membership.

Enjoy Benefits

A CTA/NEA-Retired membership allows individuals to continue to participate in the many economic benefits available to active members including:

  • Life Insurance – must be participating in this program at the time of retirement to continue a portion of your current coverage.
  • Discounts on Automobile and Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Credit Union Services
  •  1 Million Dollar Professional Liability Insurance – for members who decide to substitute after retiring. 
  • Disaster Relief Assistance (administered by the FACT Foundation) – provides financial assistance to members who have significant losses due to natural disasters in California.
  • Appointments with Vision Services Plan (VSP) doctors to receive frames, lenses and more, all at in-network prices.
  • CTA Group Legal Services (GLS) – retired members are eligible for a one- hour free legal consultation concerning retirement benefits, health and welfare benefits or substitute employment. Additionally, they are eligible for one 30-minute free consultation (no more than once a year) with a GLS attorney on other matters.


Visit  CTA Member Benefits and NEA Member Benefits for additional benefits and discounts. CTA Invest offers investment and retirement calculators and other financial planning assistance. 


Have Fun and Stay Connected

Many CTA/NEA-Retired chapters offer opportunities for members to get together for social activities (e.g., happy hours, museum tours, movie nights, etc.) in and around the areas served by the chapter.  It is another way to keep former workplace contacts and/or make new friends.

What are you planning for your retirement? We’d love to hear from you! Join the conversation on our CTA/NEA-Retired Facebook page.

Our Retiree Advocate is published four times a year and a great way to keep up-to-date with CTA/NEA-Retired.

Resources for Retired Educators

California Public Employees' Retirement System

CalPERS mission is to deliver the benefits our members have earned. CalPERS Customer Contact Center: 888-225-7377

California State Teachers’ Retirement System

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System was established by law in 1913 to provide retirement benefits to California’s public school educators from prekindergarten through community college.


NEA-Retired exists to meet the needs of retired education employees.

National Institute on Retirement Security

The National Institute on Retirement Security is a non-profit research and education organization established to contribute to informed policymaking by fostering a deep understanding of the value of retirement security to employees, employers, and the economy as a whole.

The Alliance for Retired Americans

The Alliance for Retired Americans is a nationwide grass roots organization, launched in May 2001, with more than 4.3 million members working together to make their voices heard in the laws, policies, politics, and institutions that shape American life.

CTA/NEA-Retired Facebook

Join the conversation and connect with other CTA/NEA-Retired members!