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"Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world." - Dolores Huerta

Union Power: Building a Better World for Students and Communities

Workers’ rights are facing unprecedented attacks by extremist groups looking to chip away at our hard-fought civil rights protections. Only by standing united with our union siblings can we protect our right to unionize and fight for better working conditions and quality of life.

How can we support and protect workers’ civil liberties and civil rights? Read on to learn how we can show solidarity with workers everywhere.

Take Action

Let’s show solidarity with our union siblings by uplifting union actions across the nation! Share and attend events in your area.

California Labor Federation

Check out California Labor Federation’s list of Labor Day events. 

Scorecard - California Labor Federation

Writers Guild of America

WGA is on strike! Stand with writers and learn how to show your support for our WGA siblings!

1500 WGA Members Sign Pledge To Fight For Guild Coverage Of Animation Work – Deadline

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

SAG-AFTRA are on strike! Get up-to-date event news below.


Starbucks Workers United

Learn how NEA is helping Starbucks Workers United push for fair wages and respectful working conditions.

Starbucks Workers United

Medieval Times Performers United

Medieval Times Performers United members are on strike in California! Learn how you can show your support.

Medieval Times Union | Medieval Times Performers United

United Auto Workers

Join the fight and stand up for autoworkers!


CTA History: Where We've Been, Where We're Going

When CTA was founded in 1863, only a few hundred students attended public schools and teachers were poorly prepared and seriously underpaid. We’ve had many victories since then, from preventing the firing of a female teacher because she was married, to sponsoring and campaigning for Proposition 98, the landmark state constitutional amendment that guarantees a certain amount of the state’s budget for K-14 schools.

Revisit more of our history and victories that inspire us to continue the fight for equal access, justice and resources for all of California’s students, educators and classrooms.