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Bold thinkers, fearless trailblazers, heroes.

CTA includes teachers, school counselors, school librarians, social workers, school psychologists, community college faculty, school nurses and education support professionals united to strengthen public schools for all students.

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Issues We Care About

CTA takes official positions on a wide variety of issues. Those positions on the issues are developed after much study and debate by CTA’s policy-making body, the State Council of Education.

CTA's Positions on the Issues

School Safety

All students and education employees deserve a safe learning and working environment.

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Immigration Reform

We advocate for immigration policy that includes due process, political asylum, and timely legalization without regard to national origin.

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Charter Schools

Charter school educators, parents, students and community members are standing up to make sure charter schools are accountable to our communities.

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Students hold signs on the Sacramento City Teachers Association strike line in 2019

Your Voice. Your Union. Our Future.

CTA members advocate for quality public education all California students deserve. Learn more about our advocacy positions on class size, access to preschool, a well-rounded education, affordable college, and more.

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Advocating for laws that achieve gains for students, teachers and public education are central to CTA's mission. Learn more about our legislative advocacy and priorities below.

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Official Positions

Official positions on legislation are determined by CTA's State Council of Education, comprised of 800+ elected educator leaders.

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Advocating for Community Schools

Community schools provide tremendous opportunities for learning and success for students, and also offer hope, opportunity, and transformation.

Community Schools

Red For Ed

RedForEd is a powerful movement led by educators across the nation. We raise our voices together to fight for the resources our students deserve.

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Students stand with Dolores Huerta in raincoats and holding Red For Ed signs
Three women stand in front of red wall holding signs and bullhorns