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Let’s fix a broken system that leaves educators without any paid disability related to pregnancy! AB2901 will end a status quo that disproportionately discriminates against women.

AB2901 will:
  • Provide 14 weeks of pregnancy leave and help retain educators during a historic educator shortage.
  • Stop public school educators from having to choose to get by with less pay or “schedule” pregnancies based on the school calendar.
  • End the discriminatory practice of forcing women to deplete their leave balances to bear children.
  • Close the $100,000 gap in retirement that women earn compared to their male colleagues.

Add your name to support the passage of AB 2901 (Aguiar-Curry), historic legislation that will finally give Paid Pregnancy Leave to educators.

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Help us get the word out about AB2901!

Sample Social Media Posts

  • The Pregnancy Leave for Educators Act would bring up to 14 weeks of paid leave to educators recovering from pregnancy. This is a standard worldwide. The time is now! #CALeg We urge your support for #AB2901
  • Did you know that when a California educator goes out on pregnancy leave, they have to pay for their substitute when they run out of the few sick days they have? #AB2901
  • Female teachers earn almost $100,000 less in retirement than their male colleagues. Protecting sick leave after pregnancy with #AB2901 would right that wrong.
  • Under current California law, educators must make the decision to either “schedule” pregnancies based on the school calendar or try to get by with less pay. We can change that by passing #AB2901!
  • More than three-quarters of educators are female. #AB2901 would provide pregnancy leave and help retain educators during a historic educator shortage!