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Vote with California Educators

Know that when you follow CTA recommendations on candidates and important initiatives, you are voting to support California students, schools and colleges.

For a complete list of CTA’s 2022 recommendations, click the button below.

“We have to get back down to basics. We have to start organizing at the neighborhood level to get people educated to vote.” ~ Dolores Huerta

Initiative Recommendations


Prop 1: Reproductive Freedom
Provides women equal access to healthcare services and prohibits the state from denying an individual’s right to reproductive freedom.


Prop 28: Art & Music in Schools
Provides additional funding for arts and music education in PK-12 public schools without raising taxes. Nearly $1billion from the general fund annually. Money is used to support arts programs and hire new arts staff. More money is targeted to low-income schools.


Prop 31: Stop Big Tobacco Referendum
Supports referendum to protect current law which bans the sale of flavored tobacco products and marketing to teens.


Prop 27: Online & Mobile Sports Betting
Legalizes online and mobile sports betting in California. Online gambling corporations would take 90% of the profits out of state. Not a single penny is directed to our students or our state's public schools. Could expose millions of kids to online gambling.


Prop 30: Stop the Lyft Tax Grab
Increases income taxes to pay for zero emission vehicle subsidies and infrastructure improvements. It is funded by the Lyft Corporation to get taxpayers to pay for improvements. The tax increase side-steps current law that requires half of any new revenues to go to public education. It also doesn’t raise any additional money for health care and other essential services.


Register! Engage! Vote!

Make sure you are registered, engage other on social media and build your own voter guide.

Candidate Spotlight: Tony Thurmond for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tony Thurmond cares about kids and schools

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Educators are voting for Tony Thurmond because he has a proven record of standing with students and educators. Share why you’re voting for Tony Thurmond at

Learn more about Tony Thurmond.

Video: Tony Thurmond Speaks at May State Council

Educators Share Why Tony Has Their Vote


Our Recommendation Process

CTA’s recommendation process involves interview teams of local educators from throughout the state, who interview candidates and evaluate them on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Their positions on and vision for K-12, community college and higher education issues.
  • Their historical support for public education, students and educators, in such areas as education funding, budget stability, safe schools and campuses for all students, collective bargaining, educator professional rights, charter school accountability, and equal access to higher education.
  • Their viability for success in the office that they are seeking.

Teams then make their recommendations to the CTA Board. Those approved are brought to CTA State Council (800 delegates), which debates and makes final recommendations.