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Organization Documents

After over 150 years, we have a few policies, procedures and official documents. Well, this is where you can find them. You can start with CTA’s Long-Term Strategic Plan and then look through State Council actions, the Organizational Handbook which is updated quarterly, or the Elections Manual.

Organizational Handbook – A complete resource guide on the structure of CTA, including its local, regional, statewide structures, as well as its policies and practices. Includes the roles and responsibilities of the officers and executive board, State Council structure, committees, assignments, and rules guiding the organization.

Annual Report – CTA Year in Review: 2022-2023. This Annual Report, which begins in September 2022 and carries us through August of 2023, showcases CTA’s extensive work to teach, support and protect students, further public education and build a just society. Click to view the 2022-2023 Annual Report video.

Strategic Plan (SPG) – After two years of conversations with and feedback from thousands of members, leaders and staff, the CTA State Council of Education unanimously approved CTA’s strategic plan entitled Our Union, Our Future.  The strategic plan provides a roadmap for CTA to ensure that we are moving in the right direction, engaging communities and involving CTA members so we can create the best public education system for all of California’s students. This plan is about all of us as educators.