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Communications Awards Nomination Form

This form must be completed and submitted, together with supporting materials no later than January 11, 2021. Questions about eligibility, the categories or other specifics of the CTA Communications Awards program contact Christina Barbieri at

    Locals may submit entries into different categories; however, locals may not submit multiple entries in one category.



  • Social Media Engagement: Please submit five (5) sample posts (screenshots or links) that give an impression of your social media presence. If you include more than one platform in your entry, be sure your sample posts include each platform (i.e., two tweets, one Facebook post, two Instagram photos).
  • Newspapers and Newsletters: May be of any size and shape. The date of the publication and the address of the CTA chapter, Service Center or UniServ must be indicated on each newsletter or newspaper. Additionally, publications must include reference to logos of CTA/NEA affiliation. At least three (3) samples of different issues of the publication.