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Making the Grade and CTA’s Organizational & Legislative Priorities

Want to know California Teachers Association position on legislation? Look no further! Making the Grade and CTA’s Organizational and Legislative Priorities provide positions on every bill determined by our State Council of Education, our top policy-making body in our union.

Bills that we are “just watching” are not posted in these reports. The State Council of Education votes on every bill position and must use approved CTA policy as its guide in taking positions for the organization.

Each year at CTA State Council meetings, our elected teacher leaders analyze hundreds of bills moving through the California State Legislature and determine their impact on issues affecting all aspects of the education environment.

Our Legislative Advocates write letters of support and opposition, testify with CTA members at the Capitol and work to ensure our state legislators understand CTA’s policy and positions, and vote in favor of students and teachers.

Making the Grade and CTA’s Organizational and Legislative Priorities provide bill analyses, voting records and a progress report on how legislators are voting on CTA bills.

As this legislative cycle begins, we will continue to track how your legislators are voting on CTA’s positions. Check back often to see whether or not your legislators are “Making the Grade” and support “CTA’s Organizational and Legislative Priorities.”

Please note that this is a numerical calculation tool as legislators vote on policy and fiscal issues.

Legislators are given a point for every vote that favors CTA members as compared to the number of times they had the opportunity to vote.

This tool does not have the ability to measure leadership and collegiality that is often a measure of a successful legislator.


Our Grade Scale

CTA Grade Scale

A standard educational grading scale is used.

Calculations are based upon the number of favorable votes as compared to the number of opportunities to vote.A favorable vote earns one point. An unfavorable vote earns zero points.