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What is CTA 360?

CTA 360 is a free mobile app available to local leaders including Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Membership Contacts, Site Reps, etc.  CTA 360 is directly linked to CTA’s Association Management System and allows leaders to quickly access their local’s data (member contact info, emails, work location, etc.) from their mobile device.  The app also allows local representatives to signup new members, update member information, view membership analytics and more!  This app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Two simple steps to get access to CTA 360:

  1. Get trained on the app.  Users have two options for training:
  2. Complete this online form for individual and/or group access. CTA will create an account for each user and email their login and password. Please allow up to 3 working days to verify eligibility and to enable access.

Who can have access to CTA 360?

  • Any local leader or involved member with the Local President approval
  • There are 2 security groups available in CTA 360
    • Local Access – User will have access to everyone within the LOCAL
    • Work Location Access – User will only have access to those within the assigned WORK LOCATION
  • Access can be limited to a designated time period or is available for the entire membership year.  Access must be renewed every membership year, as appropriate.

Find out about the web version – CTA 360Pro here.