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CTA Service Center Council Forms

Annual Strategic Budget Form

Interactive Activity Log

Treasurer’s Report Form

Charges for Services and Supplies Form

Election Expense Reimbursement Form

Guest Reimbursement Request Form

SCC Handbook


Choosing to Make a Difference Forms

2019-2020 Voluntary Contribution Form

Contribution Change for Scholarships and Grants


General Member Forms

Conference Report Form

CTA/NEA Legislative Coordinator/Contact Report Form

CTA/NEA Retired Enrollment Form

Disaster Relief Fund Grant Application Form

Issues PAC Contribution Form

Liaison Report Form

NEA/AFL-CIO Partnership Application

Student CTA Application Form


Membership Enrollment Forms

To join CTA, print appropriate enrollment form below and send completed form to Membership Department, CTA State Headquarters, P.O. Box 921, Burlingame, CA 94011-0921.


CTA State Council Forms

Declaration of Candidacy for Office

Numbered Seat System Report


State Council Declaration of Candidacy Forms

For State Council Representative and Alternate — Appendix G(a)

For State Council Representative and/or Alternate — Appendix G(b)


State Council Representative Election Reporting Forms

CTA Official Teller’s Report for Representative Election

Report Results for Representative Election


State Council Alternate Election Reporting Forms

CTA Official Teller’s Report for Alternate Election

Report of Results for Alternate Election


CTA Treasurer’s Forms

Check Requisition Form – Sample

Financial Report Required by PERB

Sample Template Spreadsheet Required by PERB

Member Expense Statement Form – for travel on or after 1/1/20

Member Expense Statement Attachment How to Report a Missing Receipt

School Board Event Report Form


Member Engagement Program

Engagement Grant Form



Local President Checklist for Preparing and Submitting a Request for CTA/ABC Funding Assistance

Event Attendance Report

School Board Event Report Evaluation and Reimbursement Form

Optional Campaign Template 


Application Packets for CTA/ABC Funds

K-12 Chapter PAC

Community College Chapter PAC



Application — Other

Issues Direct Contribution: Application for CTA/ABC Funds

Special Circumstance Grant: Application for CTA/ABC Funds

Special Circumstance Grant [County]: Application for CTA/ABC Funds

Funding Formula


Evaluation Forms

PAC Election Evaluation Form

Candidate Direct Contribution Evaluation Form

Issues/Measure Direct Contribution Evaluation Form


Application for CTA/ABC Funds: Candidate Direct Contribution

School Board/College Board

County Superintendent/County Board