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Our Forms Center houses applications, reports, checklists, templates and forms to help you seek funding for your local elections via the CTA Association for Better Citizenship (CTA ABC), get reimbursed for Association-related expenses and more.

To join CTA, complete the online enrollment form here. You can also print the appropriate enrollment form below and send completed forms to Membership Department, CTA State Headquarters, P.O. Box 921, Burlingame, CA 94011-0921.


Please see the CTA/ABC Calendar and Deadlines.  Send completed forms to your CTA/ABC Committee member with a copy to your Regional Political Organizer. For more information or questions, call 916-325-1594.

STEP 1: Review the Local President Checklist for Preparing and Submitting a Request for CTA/ABC Funding Assistance.

STEP 2: Review the Funding Formula. PAC grants are based on the application type’s formula.

STEP 3: Complete and submit the CTA/ABC Application for CTA/ABC Funds and the included PAC Budget: Chapter PAC Packet [K-12] [Community College] [County] by the deadline.

STEP 4: A campaign plan and the last two FPPC forms must be submitted with this application packet. If you don’t have a campaign plan, you can use the Optional Campaign Plan Template.

If you have funding from a local PAC and can demonstrate an extraordinary condition/situation, you may also submit an application for a Special Circumstances Grant or the Special Circumstance Grant for County Board of Education.

STEP 1: Review the Local President Checklist for Preparing and Submitting a Request for CTA/ABC Funding Assistance.

STEP 2: Review the Funding Formula. Direct grants are based on membership size of the local.

STEP 3: Complete and submit the appropriate application form below.

After you submit your application, GR will let you know if there are any inaccuracies or missing information. We must receive the correct or missing information before the meeting date for the application to be considered.

After the committee approved your application, they make the recommendation to the CTA Board of Directors. Once the Board approves, GR works to get the checks processed and sent out.

You have 100 days after the election to submit your evaluation form at the links below based on your application type. The evaluation form is required and could affect future funding if not submitted.

  • Always keep you CTA/ABC member, political organizer and board member in the loop.
  • You need a physical address (not just a PO Box) for CTA to write a check.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct form for bond/parcel taxes versus candidates.
  • If the candidate is not accepting contributions to avoid filing a 460, you need to know.
  • If a candidate is running unopposed, CTA/ABC cannot fund them.
  • If there is a contribution limit, CTA/ABC cannot fund over that amount.
  • For county office races, CTA procedures require that all locals within the county have an opportunity to weigh in on the recommendation of the candidate(s).
  • New local PAC’s must provide a statement of organization to be considered for funding.
  • Local PAC’s must be formed either as a county or city PAC (not state).
  • Local PAC’s cannot make direct contributions with CTA/ABC PAC funds to other CTA affiliated PACs, candidates, central committees, or labor councils.