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The CTA Organizing Plan was developed to support local chapter organizing in three core areas: Strong Local Unions and Organized Sites, Community Organizing for Public Education, and CTA Structures: Data and Alignment of Resources.

Reimbursement forms, Conference Reports, Voluntary Membership Contribution Changes and more.

For CTA resources including the Organization Handbook, Long Term Strategic Plan, State Council actions, official policy briefs and more.

Get all the resources leaders need to understand chapter operations, including CTA budget information, Treasurer's resources, sample policies, Political Action Committee procedures and more.

Find everything you need as a treasurer for Treasurer's Handbook, Annual Report, Member Expense Reimbursement forms, Treasurers training schedules, and more.

CTA is here to help every step along the way. From conferences to chapter support, CTA and NEA have resources to build the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective leader at the local, state and national stage.

Encouraging fellow educators to join CTA and take advantage of the many member benefits CTA has to offer is easy when you use our member recruitment and orientation tools.

Leaders need look no further than Leader Resources – our one-stop-shop – to find what they need to succeed in their work with and for CTA.

Information to get your chapter ready for your political campaigns.

With our toolkit, learn the 7 steps to community engagement, which helps build partnerships with parents, students, other unions and community organizations.

CCA is our statewide higher education affiliate: The Community College Association (CCA) represents members in 45 bargaining chapters who work in 39 community college districts.

Get the support and information you need to apply for an Institute for Teaching Grant.