Labor Day

Labor Day 2014: Honoring Our Union Brothers & Sisters

The Labor Movement consists of regular working people - us - standing together to protect the American Dream. Honor Labor! Union YES!
Andrew Nelson

Degrees, Not Debt program: "Better for our society"

Student CTA member Andrew Nelson speaks of the Degrees, Not Debt program, saying it will help our economy, our students and our society.

NEA President-Elect visits CA in Back to School tour

Lily Eskelsen García toured CA where her focus was Great Public Schools for All, toxic testing, teacher-led change & the student loan crisis.

5-20 percent of school-aged kids are dyslexic: How you can help

Learn how to spot the signs, read about the Myths and Facts, and get tips on how to teach and support students with Dyslexia.



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Back to School

And they're off! A new school year has begun!

September 2014

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time. Along with getting to know new faces and becoming comfortable with new routines, educators are tasked with creating a rich environment where optimal learning will take place.


Primary Residence or Classroom Damaged by Napa Earthquake?

A special fund just for CTA members

If you have suffered a hardship related to damage to a primary residence or school site, you may be eligible for a grant from CTA's Disaster Relief Fund. Start the online mobile application process or download the application via the links below.

Tom Torlakson

Degrees, Not Debt program designed to reduce student debt

Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson touts Degrees, Not Debt program

NEA, CTA, the Community College Association, the California Faculty Association, and Student CTA are working together on the “Degrees, Not Debt” program to help increase student aid and reduce student debt.

Member Benefits

Limited-time Opportunity for Newly Hired CTA Members

August 2014

Get Disability Insurance and up to $200,000 of Life Insurance if you apply within 120 days of starting work. Act now to get the protection you deserve from the only CTA-endorsed provider of Disability and Life Insurance – Standard Insurance Company.

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Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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