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Lifelong Learners 

Quality professional development is essential to improving public education and the teaching profession. 

CTA offers professional development opportunities designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning and to enhance an educators’ livelihood. Whether it’s attending one of our conferences, participating in a training or workshop, or applying for a scholarship or grant, CTA members will find practical information and resources for successful skill-building in and outside of the classroom. 

Events & Conferences

Our statewide conferences are designed to provide knowledge and skills for CTA members on a variety of topics including teaching and learning, racial justice and equity, LGBTQ+, education advocacy, new and veteran educator issues and regional conferences.  When you attend a CTA conference, you experience engaging workshops and sessions, perspective from some of the best content experts and thought leaders in public education, and opportunities to network with colleagues. The skills and information from our conferences can be immediately applied to your role as an educator and local leader.

Trainings and Workshops

CTA offers a variety of trainings and workshops by our professional staff and CTA members who are experts in their field. Our trainings provide the latest tools and techniques to enhance professional development and increase leadership skills.

Training is offered in special sessions held throughout the year during our statewide conferences, at CTA’s weeklong Summer Institute, or through our virtual pass.

Instruction and Professional Development (IPD)

CTA’s Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) department provides technical assistance to local chapters, CTA leadership, and various CTA departments in the areas of standards, assessment, curriculum, instruction, special education, accountability, and teacher evaluation. We believe in building the capacity of all members and strengthening the education profession. We know that, more than ever, teachers are facing challenges with professional issues.

Instructional Leadership Corps

CTA, The National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Stanford University, and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) launched the Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) in 2014. The ILC grows the ability of local educators to enrich instruction and assessment practices in their schools, increase learning and create professional learning experiences for other educators.

Scholarships & Awards

Have you or a member of your community made a positive impact on public education? Have you or your colleague’s involvement in local politics or human and civil rights made a difference? CTA recognizes educators and members of the community who promote quality public education, and impact their students and community. 

Awards include effective communications by and for local chapters, excellence in public education media coverage, strong social justice and human rights work and more. 

Educational scholarships offer financial support to CTA members and their dependents throughout the academic year. 


CTA’s Publications provide valuable educator stories, important dates and events, news and more. California Educator keeps you updated on the latest trends in public education, the CCA Advocate shares the happenings in higher education, and The Bulletin, our online newsletter, makes sure you know what’s happening at CTA.