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Day of the Teacher 2015

California Teachers: Where School Innovation Begins.


This May 13th, educators around the state will mark the 33rd anniversary of California’s Day of the Teacher. To honor them and to demonstrate their impact, we have chosen “California Teachers: Where School Innovation Begins” as this year’s theme. It’s a great opportunity for CTA chapters to reach out to local organizations and businesses to strengthen that connection with our communities. 

We all know our communities share our goals for quality public schools and recognize public education as being the cornerstone for strong communities. But it’s also up to us to build those vital relationships with parents, community organizations, local businesses, other unions, the faith community and seniors. We are all part of that community and we will best succeed when we work together.  

California’s Day of the Teacher has its roots in the community and is patterned after the celebration of the traditional “El Dia del Maestro,” which is observed in Mexico and Latin America countries. Our California’s Day of the Teacher arose out of legislation co-sponsored by CTA and the Association of Mexican American Educators in 1982.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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