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According to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), the Part-Time Faculty Health Insurance Program authorizes a community college district to provide health insurance for part-time faculty and their dependents and provides reimbursements to districts that submit claims for the cost of part-time faculty insurance premiums. The memo here includes preliminary guidance on recent changes in funding, eligibility and administrative requirements for the program as established by AB 190, the 2022 Higher Education Budget trailer bill. Due to the complexity of implementation, additional guidance will be provided in the coming months as details are worked through.

Significant Ongoing Investment in Part-Time Faculty Health Insurance:

The 2022 budget provided an additional ongoing $200 million annually for the Part-Time Faculty Health Insurance Program as a means of incentivizing districts to expand healthcare coverage for their part-time faculty. In prior years, this program was funded at $490,000 annually, with around 40 districts participating each year. In any year where funds provided in the budget are insufficient to cover the total cost of all claims submitted, each district will receive a proportionate share of the available funds. Any funds remaining after all participating district claims have been reimbursed will revert to the state general fund each year.

Eligibility and Reimbursement:

Multidistrict part-time faculty are now eligible to participate in the Part-Time Faculty Health Insurance Program through a reimbursement model. Further, districts may be eligible to receive up to 100% reimbursement if they meet certain criteria described in page 2 of this memo. Districts can participate in the Part-Time Faculty Health Insurance Program in two ways: 1) by meeting all of the criteria for 100% district reimbursement, or 2) by offering part-time faculty insurance that does not meet the criteria for 100% reimbursement and submitting claims for 50% district reimbursement.

Funding Mechanism:

The Chancellor’s Office shall first reimburse all districts that establish a part-time faculty health insurance program up to 50% of the districts’ costs. After an initial allocation of up to 50% of costs, any remaining funds will be allocated to districts participating in the expanded part-time faculty and multidistrict part-time faculty program.

In addition to the CCCCO guidelines, CTA is also engaged. The CTA Board of Directors formed a task force dedicated to health care. CCA provides the board with information from the field.

  • CTA’s Board Health Care Committee – Continues monitoring the $200 million ongoing funding provided for the part-time member health insurance categorical program and continues to work with the Legislature/Administration on program changes to ensure funding is utilized and maximized.
  • CTA’s Center for Organizing and Bargaining – Creates bargaining advisories for chapters to use in local negotiations, which lists part-time health care funds that are available. Please contact your CTA staff person if you would like more information.

Did You Know? Unemployment

Part-time faculty are eligible for unemployment benefits between semesters. Applications are now done at CCA sponsors several unemployment webinars each year, and these are advertised via email and can be found in the CCA Calendar at, and the CCA Part-Time Faculty Issues Committee has information on the CCA website about applying. Please click here or scan the QR code below to access that information.

Important Considerations:

  • You do not have to wait for your paychecks to stop to file your application. File the day after your final day of actual work.
  • Don’t delay, because eligibility for payments begins with the first day of application, regardless of how long you may have been unemployed prior to applying.
  • When applying, report days worked, not pay dates.
  • The first week after the application is submitted is an unpaid period for each benefit year.
  • Always be accurate and honest in your responses.

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