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Advocating for Our Students, Educators and the Profession

CTA’s Board of Directors oversees the implementation of all CTA policies from the State Council of Education. Board members serve on numerous committees and task forces within CTA and with state and local agencies. At the direction of the President, they represent members in the news media, before civic and community groups and with governmental agencies.

The CTA Board of Directors is composed of 23 teachers, 16 of whom are elected from geographically drawn districts with 10,000 or more members. In addition, two At-Large Directors represent ethnic minorities statewide; one Director represents higher education members; and one Board seat is reserved for a California member of the Board of Directors of the National Education Association. The three Executive Officers bring the total to 23.


Meet Our Board of Directors

David B. Goldberg, President |  @teachergoldberg  |  Read bio


Leslie Littman, Vice President  |  @leslielittman  |  Read bio

Erika Jones, Secretary-Treasurer  |  @Erika78Jones   |  Read bio

Jeff Good, Executive Director

VanCedric Williams, District A  |  Read bio

Greg Bonaccorsi, District B  |  @gregk14teacher  |  Read bio

Angela Normand, District C  |  @angela_normand  |  Read bio

Mike Patterson, District D  |  @coachp61  |  Read bio

Shelly Gupton, District E  |  Read bio

Eva Ruiz, District F  |  @Maestra_Ruiz  |  Read bio

Dr. Taunya Jaco, District G  | @DrJacoSays  |  Read bio

Jesse Aguilar, District H  |  @JMaguilar66  |  Read bio

Christopher Bushée, District I  |  Read bio

Mel House, District J Read bio

Wendy Eccles, District K  |  Read bio


Margie Granado, District L  |  @msmmeg  |  Read bio

Joe Bartell, District M  |  @joebartell  |  Read bio

Denise Bradford, District N  |  Read bio

Gregory Abt, District O  |  Read bio

Kisha Borden, District P  |  Read bio


DeWayne Sheaffer, District Q  |  Read bio

Grant Schuster, CTA/NEA Coordinator

Angela Der Ramos, At-Large  |  Read bio

Robert Ellis, At-Large  |  Read bio