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Representing CTA

The members of the CTA Liaison Committee promote the policies of CTA on behalf of all CTA members and students of California. 

Liaisons monitor and report on meetings of state agencies and organizations in matters affecting education. Under the auspices of the CTA Officers and appointed by the Board of Directors, the CTA Liaisons carry the message of CTA concerning public education to more than 60 state agencies and other organizations.

Functions of Liaisons

The Liaison Committee monitors and reports on meetings of state governmental agencies and organizations in matters affecting educational policy and administration. The Committee considers and makes any necessary recommendations concerning the status of procedures for individual monitoring of the activities of state governmental agencies.

The composition and number of Liaison members reflect the need of activity. 


Liaison Committee Resources

Resources for the Liaison Committee are located in our newly designed Leader Resources, including commonly used report and expense forms, Liaison Checklist, Appointments & Assignments and more. 

Communicate and network with your colleagues on the various Liaison committees:

Liaison Committee

Student Services

Career Education

Curriculum Issues

Equity Issues

Watch Dogs