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Working to Improve Teaching and Learning Conditions Across California

There are various types of committees throughout CTA’s governance structure. From conference planning, membership, organizing, advisory, task forces and other groups, CTA members and leaders work to address public education issues in California.

State Council of Education Committees

There are two types of State Council Committees: Policy-Making Committees and Board Advisory Committees.

  • Policy-Making Committees are responsible for the development of policies to be considered by the State Council of Education for adoption. These committees recommend positions to the State Council on proposed legislation within their areas of responsibility. 
  • Board Advisory Committees are responsible for recommending policy and procedures to the Board of Directors for consideration. Only members of State Council may be appointed to Board Advisory Committees.

Standing Policy-Making Committees of the Council Committees and Officers

Adult, Alternative, Career & Tech. Ed.: Kristin Montoya, Chair

Assessment and Testing: Marina Santos, Chair

Budget: Leslie Littman, Chair

Civil Rights in Education: Sarah Robinson, Chair

Communications: Randa Wahbe, Chair

Credentials & Professional Development: Angela Der Ramos, Chair

Curriculum and Instruction: Mindy Montanio, Chair

Early Childhood Education: Paula Merrigan, Chair

Elections and Credentials: Jeanne Marks, Chair

Financing Public Education: Grant Schuster, Chair

Language Acquisition and Development: Yolanda Tamayo, Chair

Negotiations: Kyna Collins, Chair

Political Involvement: Ingrid Gunnel, Chair

Professional Rights and Responsibilities: Karen Lord-Eyewe, Chair

Representation: Sonia Martin-Solis, Chair

Retirement: Kevin Welch, Chair

School Safety/School Management: Eric Roudabush, Chair

Special Education Committee: Ismael Armendariz, Chair

State Legislation: Erich Myers, Chair

Student Support Services: Erika Zamora, Chair

Teacher Evaluation and Academic Freedom: Alexandra Condon, Chair


Board Advisory Groups

CTA Board Advisory Groups are groups of CTA members recommended by the President and appointed annually by the CTA Board of Directors to accomplish a specific charge. There are five types of Board Appointed Advisory Groups: 

  • Board Advisory Committees (two types): one with State Council members, and one with ongoing responsibilities within CTA.
  • Task Force: a special committee appointed to meet a particular short-term need. The Task Force ends when the charge is completed, or can be re-established the next year if necessary. 
  • Workgroup: comprised of CTA members and staff appointed to meet specific, short-term objectives. A workgroup ends when the objective is achieved. 
  • Panel: A group of CTA members appointed to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. The panel may hold hearings and consider special requests on legal matters or sponsored programs.

Advisory Panel on Endorsed Services

Advisory Panel on Legal Services

Budget Committee

Cadre Advisory Committee

California Reads/Read Across America Activities Planning Committee 

CalPERS Interview Team

Campaign Workgroup 2020

César E. Chávez and Dolores Huerta Education Awards Committee

Charter School Advisory Committee

Crisis Assistance Panel

CTA Scholarships Committee

CTA/ABC Committee

CTA/NEA Interview Team

Disaster Relief Fund Committee

Diversity Advisory Panel

Elections and Credentials Committee

Equity and Human Rights Conference Planning Committee

ESEA Reauthorization Workgroup (Link to ESSA Issues & Action page)

ESP Issues Advisory Committee 

Ethnic Minority Leaders Early Identification & Development Program Workgroup 

Executive Officers Circle

Foundation for Teaching and Learning Committee 

Good Teaching Conference Planning Committee

Governance Documents Review Committee

Higher Education Advisory Committee

Higher Education Award Selection Committee

Human Rights Awards Selection Committee

Intern Selection Committee

Issues Conference Planning Committee

Large Urban Advisory Committee

LGBTQ+ Issues Conference Planning Committee 

LGBTQ+ Safety in Schools Grant & Scholarship in Honor of Guy De Rosa

Liaison Committee 

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee 

Member/Chapter-in-Politics Awards Committee in Honor of Ted Bass/Joyce Fadem

NEA Convention Coordinating Committee

NEA Convention Task Force

NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence Interview Committee

NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence Screening Committee

NEA Fund for Children and Public Education

New Educator Pipeline and Support Workgroup

New Educator Weekend Planning Committee

Political Academy Planning Committee

Priority Legislation Subcommittee

RA California Night 2020

Racial and Social Justice Advisory Committee

Racial Equity Affairs Committee (REAC) 

Racial Equity Steering Committee

Region I Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Region II Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Region III Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Region IV Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Representation Committee

Rural Issues Advisory Committee

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues Advisory Committee

Special Education Conference Planning Committee

Summer Institute Planning Committee

Vendor Evaluation and Screening Committee

Women’s Rights Committee

*Committee List updated November 2020