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Badass Teachers Association (BATs) Caucus

It shall be the purpose of the caucus to: 

  1. Advance the interests of the teaching profession. 
  2. Promote the Caucus of the Badass Teachers Association throughout the state of CA. “to give voice to every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality through education”. 
  3. Keep CTA aware of its commitment to minority groups, parent groups, student groups and community organizers committed to public schools. 
  4. Continue to promote the needs of ALL teachers in California. 


Heather Messner, Chairperson 

CTA African American Caucus

  1. Advance the interest of the teaching profession. 
  2. Promote the cause of African American Educators throughout the State of California. 
  3. Continue to make and keep CTA aware of its commitments and obligations to African Americans and other minority groups. 
  4. Continue to keep before CTA any unmet needs of African Americans. 
  5. Assist CTA in procurement of jobs, advancement opportunities and the appointive positions for African American Educators. 
  6. Actively promote African American and Minority involvement and participation in CTA activities and promotions. 

Camille Butts, Chairperson

CTA American Indian/Alaska Native Caucus

A group of Native American Caucus members standing around a sign smiling

The purpose of the American Indian/Alaska Native Caucus is to provide a continuous channel through which the concerns of educators and education support professionals will be guaranteed adequate representation with the structure of CTA regarding American Indians and Alaska Natives. 


Naqiba Gregory, Chairperson 

Caucus for Educators of Exceptional Children (CEEC)

5 people, members of the CEEC caucus standing next to a sign smiling

The purpose of the CTA-CEEC shall be to promote the causes of educators of exceptional children within CTA and throughout the state, and to communicate with CTA and increase the understanding pf CTA regarding the unique needs and problems faced by educators of exceptional children.

  1. Serve as a clearinghouse for concerns and problems faced by educators in meeting the needs of exceptional children.
  2. Organize committees within the Caucus to study methods that educators may use to help solve some of their problems and concerns.
  3. Introduce appropriate New Business Items to CTA State Council Special Education Committee and/or other appropriate CTA committees for support of CTA-CEEC positions and/or requests for action.

Meghann Hughes, Chairperson

CTA Democratic Caucus

The purpose of the organization is to discuss current political issues, campaigns, and how to get involved in the Democratic party, locally, statewide, and nationally.

Heather Mumy, Chairperson

CTA Ecology Justice Caucus

The mission of the Caucus shall be to advocate for the CTA, it’s individual locals, and for its members to work towards a 100% clean energy future, a world where the effects of our current environmental crisis are not shouldered by our most valuable populations – a future that uplifts the worth and dignity of all people. 


Rori Abernethy, Co-Chairperson 

Mark Norberg, Co-Chairperson 

CTA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ Caucus

Provides support for LGBTQ+ members of CTA, educates CTA members about issues of importance to LGBTQ+ CTA members, advocate for policies that support the CTA mission statements.

Scott Miller, Co-Chairperson

Eleanor Evans, Co-Chairperson

CTA Republican Caucus

Purpose of Organization:

To promote CTA Republican teachers’ involvement in CTA and in the Republican Party. To advocate for public education.

Ron Edwards, Chairperson 

CTA United School Board College Trustee Educators Caucus 

Purpose of Organization: 

Support for other CTA school board and college trustees elected. 

Ava Chiao, Chairperson 

CTA El Sol Caucus


  1. It shall be the purpose of the caucus to: 
  2. Promote Public Education. 
  3. Promote the recruitment and retention of Hispanic, Latina/o/x, Chicana/o/x Educators through the State of California. 
  4. Keep CTA aware of its commitment to QTBIPOC (Queer, Transgender, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) groups, Hispanic, Latina/o/x, Chicana/o/x people in particular. 
  5. Continue to promote the needs of Hispanic, Latina/o/x, Chicana/o/x people in California. 

Alberto Nodal, Chairperson 


NCB Charter Schools Caucus

The purpose of the NCB Charter Schools Caucus will be to:  

  1. Provide CTA-chaptered, nonclassroom-based charter schools and individual members a means by which their concerns and issues concerning programs run by charter schools can be expressed to CTA’s State Council and Board of Directors.  Communication between NCB charter chapters through the NCB Caucus will further the purpose of the organization, as we seek to represent all of the various types of nonclassroom-based charter schools. 
  2. Help to ensure that CTA policies and supported legislation protect and promote the well-being of CTA teachers working in CTA-chaptered NCB charter schools, as well as protecting and promoting the well-being of the students we serve. 
  3. Educate/share with State Council and Committees the real-life impacts of legislation on CTA teachers and chapters in NCB schools. 
  4. Assist with CTA efforts of non-union NCB charter schools and other charter schools organizing. 

Marla Friedler, Chairperson 

CTA Pacific Asian American Caucus

Purpose of Organization: 

  1. To provide continuous channels through which concerns of the Asian and Pacific Islander educators will be guaranteed adequate representation within the structure of the California Teachers Association. 
  2. To place Asian and Pacific Islander concerns before the officers and the members of the California Teachers Association in the form of inquiries, position papers, resolutions, and proposals. 
  3. To identify and prepare potential leaders among Asian and the Pacific Islander educators. 
  4. To provide an approving body for selection of all Asian and Pacific Islanders to the California Teachers Association professional staff for programs the directly affect the purposes and goals of the Caucus. 

Alma Galapon, Chairperson 

Zumba® Fitness Caucus

The purpose of the Zumba® Fitness Caucus:

  1. To increase and promote health and wellness awareness.
  2. To develop a network for wellness promotion in our communities.
  3. To offer CTA State Council members a way to participate in a de-stress workout that combines all elements of fitness including cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility, boosted energy, and a serious dose of positive energy.

Maritza Avila, Chairperson