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Educators Must be Involved in Decision-Making

The CTA Association for Better Citizenship (CTA/ABC) Committee works to make sure the voices of students and teachers are heard in our local schools and communities throughout the state. 

Over the years, elected officials supported by CTA/ABC have helped change the face of public education in California, scoring wins for students, local schools and teachers. Whether it’s a local bond issue or establishing new state educational standards, teachers must be involved in the decisions that directly affect our public schools and students. CTA/ABC makes sure our message is heard.

Roles & Responsibilities

The CTA/ABC Committee is the political action arm of CTA, providing campaign funding for our local affiliates. Meeting several times a year, the CTA/ABC Committee screens applications from local chapters for campaign funding that can be used for mailings, advertisements and other costs of a local campaign. Members of the CTA/ABC Committee are elected by the State Council of Education.  The Committee recommends funding to the CTA Board of Directors. The CTA Board makes all final funding decisions.

Requesting Funding for Your Local Election

To request funding for your local election, complete the appropriate CTA/ABC forms in the Leader Resources Form Center. For questions, call 916-325-1594. 

Communicating with Your Local CTA/ABC Committee Member 

Your CTA/ABC Committee member is waiting to help you through every step of applying for chapter funds. Call or email your CTA/ABC Committee member as soon as you are aware of a local election in which your chapter may become involved. Discuss the issues you are facing in the election, whether it’s a much needed school bond or an educator-friendly school board. Your CTA/ABC Committee member will help you suggest an amount that would be reasonable to expect considering the size of your chapter and special circumstances of the election.

CTA/ABC Hotline: 916-325-1594, 

District A: Corey Penrose, Recording Secretary,

District B: Heather Mumy, Vice Chair,

District C: Laura Finco, 

District D: Rebecca Marquez-Cihak, 

District E: Owen Jackman, 

District F: Jennifer Wilkin, 

District G: Luciano Ortiz, 

District H: Nora Allstedt,

District I: Hilary Hall, 

District J: Vacant

District K: Wendy Eccles, Chair,

District L: Lorraine Richards, 

District M: Alan Underwood, 

District: N: Vacant

District O: James Benanti, 

District P: Jessica Merschtina, 

District Q Higher Ed At-Large: Patrick Mitchell, 

At-Large: Andrea Reyna, 

At-Large: Gretel Rodriguez, 


You have the option to complete and submit CTA/ABC forms online or manually.

Please see CTA/ABC Calendars: 2019-2020 | 2020-2021 | 2021-2022 | 2022-2023

Online Submission: If you would like to submit the CTA/ABC forms online, visit ABC Forms Online Submission. You will need to log in to access the link, which will then take you to the ABC Forms main page. Follow instructions to submit the CTA/ABC forms online.

Note: You may experience problems if you are using a MAC computer and Safari web browser. We are working to resolve the issues. In the meantime, you can print the PDF form, complete the form by hand, and then submit the form via scan/email or fax. Thank you for your patience.

Manual Submission: If you would like to submit the forms manually, download the following PDF forms below. Complete the forms, then submit them via email to with a cc: to your CTA/ABC Committee member and political organizer or by fax to 916-325-1581.

Local President Checklist for Preparing and Submitting a Request for CTA/ABC Funding Assistance

Application Packet for CTA/ABC Funds: Chapter PAC
Campaign Plan Template]  [K-12]  [Community College]  [County]
The campaign plan template is an optional form, but a campaign plan must be submitted with the application.

Application for CTA/ABC Funds: Candidate Direct Contribution
School Board] [County]

Funding Formula

Application for CTA/ABC Funds: Issues Direct Contribution

PAC Election Evaluation Form 

Candidate Direct Contribution Evaluation Form 

Issues/Measure Direct Contribution Evaluation Form 

Application for Special Circumstances Grant
County Office of Education Races]

Event Attendance Report

School Board Event Report Evaluation and Reimbursement Form