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By Julian Peeples

Some people are just born to lead. This has to be why educators across the state are rising to serve their communities in the midst of multiple crises that threaten our collective health, safety and future prosperity. They’re campaigning for election like never before, finding new and creative ways to reach voters while maintaining safe social distancing and healthy practices.

We’re shining a light on some of these dedicated educators running for election during this chaotic time – leaders who are rising to defend our students and fight for the schools and community colleges they deserve. Here’s the next in this series: Brooke Malley Ault.

Brooke Malley Ault

Candidate for: Bakersfield City School District Board of Education

Experience: High school counselor for past two years, following 12 years teaching government, history, civics and economics, as well as restorative practices as an on-campus interventionist; taught English in Japan to 2- and 3-year-old children; Kern High School Teachers Association member.

Why: I am a former student and employee of the district in which I’m running, a current educator who serves the same students at the high school level, and the mother of a son who will start his education within the district in the next few years. I know that the well-being of my son will be deeply connected to that of our community, and I wish for all students to thrive and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Top issues: Providing the essential mental health and social-emotional learning in order for our underserved students to stop worrying about having their basic needs met and focus on learning. I also believe that this district is ready for more restorative practices and obtaining a more racially diverse curriculum that will give students pride in their heritage and culture, and help them gain overall confidence. During the time of COVID, I would also like to focus on safety protocol for our eventual return to school.

Distance campaigning: I have been relying primarily on Facebook advertising while perfecting my website and Facebook campaign page. I am preparing for my first round of postcards and have an incredible group of local women who are assisting me in getting my message out. A fellow mother and educator, who is running for a different seat on the same school board, is organizing a Zoom wine night with me at a local space where we will attend the event at the venue, but we will deliver bottles of wine and dessert to participants while they engage from home.

Choosing to lead now: I was hired in 2009, the year of pink slips in California. I know as well as any other educator who has been working for a while that tough financial times are ahead. We need educators on the board who understand the job walking into it — not people who might take years to learn that education is a unique community where everyone needs to be successful.

Website/social:; Facebook page: Brooke Malley Ault for BCSD Board