Statement From CTA President E. Toby Boyd regarding Gov. Newsom’s December 30, 2020 School Reopening Announcement

“The safety of students, their families and educators must be the top priority.”

We appreciate the Governor finally recognizing what CTA, for months, has been advocating for in order to safely reopen schools for in-person instruction. In all our conversations and letters sent, we have been calling for tougher safety standards, rigorous and consistent testing, data collection and transparency. While these tenets are addressed in the proposal released Wednesday, there are many unanswered questions and the devil is always in the details, particularly as it relates to implementation and execution. We look forward to hearing more information and hope the new guidelines that the Governor said would be released next week will create a coherent statewide plan rather than creating more confusion for parents and school districts. As California remains the nation’s COVID hotspot and amidst an ICU crisis, CTA continues to support distance learning for schools that are in the highest, Purple Tier of transmission rates. We will continue our conversations with lawmakers and the governor. This must be a joint effort to ensure a safe return to our classrooms where we know our students learn best and thrive.”

-E. Toby Boyd
CTA President

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