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Delta Variant Spread Highlights Vaccination Importance and Continued Safety Protocols.

Schools have begun reopening, and we’ve already seen examples of school student/staff COVID-19 exposure, transmission and deaths, along with resulting quarantine measures. These outbreaks and the rising number of pediatric COVID-19 cases show that children and educators remain vulnerable to the coronavirus.

It is more important than ever that we all do our part to keep classrooms, school campuses, and society at large as safe as possible.  We must continue to enforce safety protocols in schools and remember that getting vaccinated is the single most effective layer of protection against being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19. The FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine for children 12 and older, and Moderna has submitted data for similar approval. The CDC recommends all eligible children and teens get vaccinated.

It’s vital that every eligible person get the vaccine to prevent their own serious illness and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

How do we reopen California’s public schools safely?

A school nurse wearing a mask hold a thermometer to a student's forehead.

→Questions to ask to safely reopen schools for in-person instruction:

  • What are the COVID-19 case rates, positivity rates and transmission rates for your community? Are COVID-19 rates low and on the decline in the most vulnerable, underserved communities in your district?
  • Does the school district have a school safety plan for reopening that has been agreed upon by administrators and employees and shared with parents and the community? Is it publicly available?
  • Does the school district have a distribution plan for PPE and COVID-19 testing for students and educators? Has your local school updated its ventilation system? Are students in stable and small class sizes? How will six-feet physical distancing be maintained for students?
  • Does the school district have a plan to support students who have been struggling during the pandemic and need additional learning supports?
  • Does the school district have a budget plan to support a safe reopening?
  • Has the county and school district shared data publicly about COVID-19 transmission rates, outbreaks, and students and staff in quarantine in any school that has reopened? Is that information posted on a website or school district dashboard?
  • Does the state’s plan for collecting and publishing COVID-19 data in California schools include meaningful enforcement of safety protocols, standards and requirements, as well as penalties for bad actors?

No school in a county where COVID-19 cases and transmission rates are in the Purple tier should be open for in-person instruction.

You can’t have a safe California unless you have safe schools. Learn more at #OnlyWhenItsSafe #WeAreCTA

  • In order to reopen schools safely, schools need additional funding, not less.  #OnlyWhenItsSafe #WeAreCTA
  • Educators and Parents agree: the health and safety of our students needs to be the top consideration when deciding whether or not to reopen schools. #OnlyWhenItsSafe #WeAreCTA #COVID19
  • We are committed to fighting for the health and safety of every student in California.  #OnlyWhenItsSafe #WeAreCTA

Schools & Coronavirus: Our Advocacy for Safe Schools


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