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COVID-19 and Your Well-Being

Making wellness an integral part of our lifestyle — particularly in the face of pandemic-related stress — is an active process. Explore our wellness resources for educators.

Vaccination Is Key

We must continue to enforce safety protocols in schools and remember that getting vaccinated is the single most effective layer of protection against being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19. The CDC recommends all eligible children and teens get vaccinated.

It’s vital that every eligible person get the vaccine to prevent their own serious illness and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Nov. 18, 2021: Teachers can deduct out-of-pocket classroom expenses including COVID-19 protective items


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We are trying to answer questions that come through social media, email and other means. But please note that your best resource for assistance with local issues regarding district directives, leave questions, etc. is your local CTA chapter and CTA primary contact staff.