Our 2021-22 Innovators Light Up Students’ Lives

Big dreamers unleash their imaginations to see what might be. The innovators we highlight this year not only imagined scenarios and worlds where they could improve students’ lives, but took action to make those possibilities real. From assisting foster youth and homeless students and their families, to creating cutting-edge enrichment curriculum for children and youth in a challenged community, to opening doors for underrepresented young people in the sciences, these educators’ big dreams illuminated a path that helped students set goals and move beyond real or perceived barriers. They have made a difference, and our students, schools and colleges are better for it.

Aba Ngissah, Making dreams possible

Katie McNamara, On a mission to empower

Chantel Parnell, Diversifying tech

Julie White, Help for our neediest

Jo Wen Wu, Opening doors to careers in science

Josefa Bustos-Pelayo, Reading for joy

Loren Parck, Working behind the scenes

Stephanie Yellin-Mednick, School nurse steps up to lead

Anthony Carlson, Game for anything