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Funding shortfalls on par with those in the Great Recession of 2008 threaten California public education and other vital services as CTA joins state leaders in calling for federal approval of the HEROES Act to help close the $54-billion state budget deficit outlined today in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s May budget revise.

Included in these massive reductions: a devastating $19 billion in cuts to public education that threaten vital services for students and communities at a time when they most need.

While Congress has allotted various rounds of COVID-19 stimulus, it has yet to fund states and local governments at levels needed to maintain essential services. Join CTA in calling on Congress to pass the $1 trillion HEROES Act to stabilize education funding.

“Deep cuts to education will stand in the way of readying our schools for the safe return of students and further prolong the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic,” says CTA President E. Toby Boyd. “We must collaborate as educators, lawmakers, parents, administrators and community members to identify and commit to funding sources that will stop all cuts to education and make way for the resources necessary to make our schools and colleges fit for our students’ safe return.”

For years, California students and educators have had to do more with less. School staffing is still below 2008 levels when the last recession hit, and this pandemic cannot be the reason our state falls further behind. If anything, the COVID crisis has shown the need to increase investment in our schools for increased safety and cleaning measures, to purchase Personal Protective Equipment, institute social distancing, implement equitable distance learning programs and to support the new and emerging needs of students and educators across the state.

President Boyd echoed the governor’s request for assistance from the federal government to ensure our students and families don’t suffer further through draconian service cuts. Contact lawmakers today at 855-977-1770 or take action here and add your voice to our call for this crucial support.

“We need bold thinking, leadership and action throughout the coming weeks that will build California’s future rather than tear it down,” Boyd says. “This will require a combination of solutions including federal funding provided in the HEROES Act, the Schools & Communities First initiative on the November ballot, and additional state revenues in order to prevent mid-year cuts and educator layoffs at a moment in history when our students need to heal in a safe and secure learning environment.”

Join CTA and NEA in calling members of Congress at 855-977-1770 before the House votes May 15 and urging them to:

  • Support providing $1 trillion for state and local governments in the HEROES Act and at least $175 billion for the Education Stabilization Fund; and
  • Support at least $2 billion for the E-Rate program to promote internet equity.