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By Julian Peeples

It’s the final countdown of our campaign for justice, equity and opportunity during a year like no other, and we are so close to historic victories for our students and communities. CTA educators are in full Get Out The Vote mode, phone banking and walking neighborhoods to help pass vital initiatives and elect leaders who see us, know us and will dream with us.

“This is our moment! Let’s write this chapter together to show future generations that a group of committed citizens can change our country and our world,” CTA President E. Toby Boyd says.

Join educators in voting for the resources our schools and communities need, and keep up the fight for every single vote until polls close Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. Got an hour or two? Phone banking opportunities are ongoing from now until tomorrow night. Then, be sure to stop by the Yes on 15 virtual Election Night party at 9 p.m. and let’s celebrate together as the vote counting process begins.

Every vote matters in these crucial elections – help spread the word with your networks and on social media (shareable graphics here) for the final sprint to victory:

YES on 15

YES on 16

NO on 20

NO on 22

YES on 25

Biden/Harris for President/VP

Haven’t voted yet? No worries, there’s still time and we’ve got you covered with customized ballot recommendations to support students and families with your vote.

Remember that the results of the elections will not likely be known for days and even weeks after Election Day, as officials ensure that every single vote is counted so the results reflect the collective will of the people. Follow vote counts for the state propositions on the Secretary of State’s website, while tallies for local races can be found on the website for your county Registrar of Voters.

“CTA Family, we are in the ninth inning. We are going to leave it all on the field. Nobody expected us to be in this. We are going against the richest billionaires in the world and they are spending millions to confuse voters. But WE are the secret weapon!” CTA Vice President David Goldberg said. “All power to us, all power to our students, all power to the people! Let’s make this happen!”