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It’s not just Day of the Teacher that’s a big deal at Fiesta Gardens Elementary School in San Mateo. It’s a full week of appreciation for all educators, starting today with parents pitching in to beautifully decorate each teacher’s door.

It doesn’t stop there. Tomorrow all the students bring a flower, which they put together to make a beautiful bouquet for their teacher. On Wednesday – the actual Day of the Teacher – educators enjoy a pot luck. On Thursday parents bring in much-needed school supplies, and on Friday they bring in snacks to stock up the teachers’ lounge. ESP members, the principal and other administrators are included in the fun.

Below, a sampling of the door art:


At Fiesta Gardens Elementary in San Mateo, a week of appreciation for educators (coinciding with Day of the Teacher on May 9) starts with decorated doors for each classroom.


Another decorated door at Fiesta Gardens Elementary.


Another decorated door at Fiesta Gardens Elementary.


Another decorated door at Fiesta Gardens Elementary.


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