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By Amy Peruzzaro

TERESA YOUSSOFI KNOWS how powerful a well-designed space can be for her students. The Chula Vista Educators member and 6th grade Spanish and English dual immersion teacher was intent on enhancing the students’ learning environment in her classroom, so she entered the 2024 Learning Space Design Competition by furniture manufacturer KI.

Youssofi won one of four grand prizes, receiving $40,000 in KI furniture to create her dream classroom.

Her winning entry, created through the interactive KI Classroom Planner tool, was an inclusive classroom design that offers her students a more personalized learning experience, with different zones to accommodate students’ unique communication and learning styles.

“This classroom might be the best, safest and most beautiful space that my students have in their lives.”

Teresa Youssofi KI Furniture design winner

Youssofi designed a classroom to give her students a more personalized learning experience.

She chose KI’s Ruckus collection for the worktables, stools, chairs, white boards, tote storage, student desks and booth lounge seating. The design gives her students a more flexible, collaborative and active learning experience. It was important for her to offer students different seating options that work best for them. If students prefer group over individual seating, they have the option to sit at a worktable or folding table.

In addition, Youssofi opted for the tote storage to facilitate the engineering activities for her students by having supplies very organized and readily available. Finally, the new individual-sized white boards will replace the broken ones in her classroom.

Youssofi is thrilled that she will be able to provide her students with the best-equipped space to enhance their learning every day.

“This classroom might be the best, safest and most beautiful space that my students have in their lives,” she said of her design, which will soon become real. “I want them to be proud and extremely happy while they’re here getting an education.”

Learn more about Youssofi’s design at

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