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The CTA Virtual Pass to Online Learning allows CTA members to stream professional and leadership development sessions from recent CTA live and virtual events. By watching these sessions and/or attending live CTA events, members can qualify for CTA-paid University Credit. CTA will pay for up to six university units which may allow you to advance on your district salary schedule. Visit our University Credit page for more information about this program and how to claim your units through our partner, CSU Chico.

Every 15 hours of Virtual Pass to Online Learning that you complete, counts towards one university unit. CTA will pay for up to six units. These units are valued at thousands of dollars when compared to what private and public entities charge for university credits.

For more information on the CTA University Credit program, visit

Please note: If you have already completed watching a session during a previous semester, you cannot watch it again for credit for the current program. You are able to re-watch the course, but it will not be counted towards your hour balance for the current program since you have already submitted the course for hours during a past program.

All courses in the Virtual Pass Catalog qualify for the 2023-2024 University Credit Program.

Click Here to Access the Virtual Pass Course Catalog

New Virtual Pass Login Procedure

The CTA Virtual Pass now uses the same login as the Members-only area.

To access your Virtual Pass account, you will need to create a new account on the CTA website. Your previous Virtual Pass login will no longer access your account.

If you already have a members-only account on, use that same account to access your Virtual Pass account.

Again, your original Virtual Pass login will no longer give you access to the Virtual Pass to Online Learning Platform. We have streamlined our account access into a single sign on that gives you access to the Members-only site as well as the Members-only area on so you can access all your member benefits, resources and Virtual Pass courses using one account.

For a quick tutorial on creating your new Members-only account, click here.

If you are not currently a CTA member, click here to join.

Can I re-watch courses I have already completed for credit?

You cannot watch the same course multiple times for university credit so those hours from re-watching the course will not show up in your hour balance. You can rewatch courses for your own pleasure, but they will not be counted towards the current semester for university credit.   

As you are browsing the catalog for courses to watch, there will be a green check mark next to the title of the course after clicking on “Register Now” or “Add to Basket”. This green check mark indicates that you have already completed and submitted the course previously. You will need to find courses that you have not yet completed previously so that the hours will be counted towards 2023-2024 credit. 


The Virtual Pass sessions have been classified into these three categories:

Best Of Virtual Pass Series

We have identified the best of our most recent professional and leadership development sessions and created specially curated lists and groupings just for CTA members. Access to these sessions is only available to CTA members and the university credit program is an exclusive benefit to CTA members. You can access these sessions by using your email address where you receive CTA email and creating a profile on our Virtual Pass platform.

These 20 sessions were the top sessions watched by your CTA colleagues over the past several months.  This group represents a best of the Virtual Pass and is a great starting point to plan your continuing education journey.

Click here to view these courses.

These are the sessions that CTA members found most useful to help them in their classrooms to become even more successful in reaching and teaching students in all types of environments. These sessions will create “ah-ha” moments for you and give you tools and strategies that you can immediately implement in your classroom.

Click here to view these courses.

Educators need to take time to take care of themselves.  CTA members found these courses most helpful to reset, recharge and regain balance and control of their personal development and wellness.  Consider these classes as your pathway to overcoming the fatigue and stress of teaching and lead you to find more joy and fulfillment in your professional and personal life.

Click here to view these courses.

Our newest CTA members found the following classes to be most helpful to them in their first years of teaching.  These sessions were presented at various conferences last year including the New Educator Weekend.  With nearly 10,000 views, these classes are sure to help you as a new educator or give you a fresh perspective as an experienced educator.

Click here to view these courses.

Thousands of CTA members attended the CTA Special Education conference last year.  These are the top sessions from that conference and others that members found most beneficial.  These courses will help you navigate through the many requirements, laws and best practices for working with students, parents and administrators.

Click here to view these courses.

In these sessions, presenters will challenge you, educate you and give you the tools you need to understand and advocate for social justice issues that deeply impact our schools and communities.  You will learn how to advocate for human rights to create awareness and action around social justice issues.

Click here to view these courses.

These sessions were recorded at various events and cover a variety of topics and issues affecting our members, California’s youth and our communities.

Click here to view these courses.

These Social Emotional Learning (SEL) sessions focus on helping educators create a supportive learning environment.  These sessions dive into the core SEL principles and provide effective and proven methods and approaches that can transform the way you teach and support your students.

Click here to view these courses.

These are the sessions that every local leader needs to watch to be successful in their role.  These sessions focus on building a strong local and organizing. Watch these sessions with your leadership team and use these learnings to make your local even stronger.

Click here to view these courses.

Want to energize your local?  Check out these sessions for proven and effective strategies and techniques to grow your membership, involve members and build power in your local.

Click here to view these courses.

Every conference features inspiring and motivating keynote speakers. This specially curated selection includes the best of our keynoters at recent CTA events.  In these selections you will hear from CTA leaders, education thought leaders, motivators and best of all, your peers – classroom educators.  These are powerful sessions with moving messages and shared experiences that will reignite your love of teaching.

Click here to view these courses.

Included in this “Topic Series” you’ll find our top viewed sessions delivered by classroom teachers sharing their strategies and successes. These are fast-paced, hands-on sessions with lots of examples and plans on how you can become even more successful in teaching math and helping your students thrive.

Click here to view these courses.

Check out these courses to help you learn more about effective teaching and learning strategies to support your students in their efforts. These sessions are taught by experienced classroom teachers that have experienced many of the same issues you may have experienced as you work to teach EL standards.

Click here to view these courses.

This collection offers members a wide variety of sessions focusing on core topics as well as powerful instructional strategies to level up your learning.

Click here to view these courses.

Recent Conferences

This collection features sessions from our recent in-person conferences and will be updated with new recordings as we conclude our in-person events.

Click here to view the Recent Conferences category.


All Courses (Alphabetical)

Browse the entire course catalog which includes all of the above sessions and many more of interest to CTA members.

In addition to having each session description now available directly in the new classroom format, you can also use this document to search for specific session descriptions: Session Descriptions (PDF)

Tip: Use CTRL+F on PC or Command+F on Mac to Search for a Session Title in the PDF

Click here to view the ALL courses category.


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