California Educators Urge Voters to Support Prop. 16, Equal Opportunity for All

A necessary step toward breaking down racial barriers in governmental systems, levels the playing field

BURLINGAME — California educators are proud to support Proposition 16, which will ask voters in November to reinstate affirmative action and allow equal opportunity policies to guide state and local governments in promoting good jobs, good wages and quality schools for everyone. Prop. 16 would repeal Prop. 209 adopted in 1996 and would create the opportunity to make real progress on restoring the ability for the State of California to consider race and gender aimed at eliminating discrimination in state contracts, hiring and college admissions.

“As we strive to break down racial barriers in our schools and communities, we must recognize the roadblocks within our systems and make every effort to clear the path for equitable practices that provide equal opportunities for women and people of color. Passing Prop. 16 is necessary to help prevent discrimination by removing one of those roadblocks and reinstating an equal opportunity for all,” said CTA President E. Toby Boyd. “Educators believe in giving everyone, regardless of race or gender, an equal shot at success. Prop. 16 lays the foundation for every student to achieve their dreams and defy their own limits.”

The CTA Board of Directors voted to support Prop. 16 earlier this month, following CTA’s support of ACA 5, which cleared the legislature in June with overwhelming bipartisan support qualifying the measure for the ballot.

“Please join California’s educators in voting Yes on Prop. 16, a critical element of the path toward a stronger economic future for women and communities of color, and a California where Black lives matter and our systems are just,” said Boyd.

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