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CTA 360Pro

CTA 360Pro is the desktop/laptop access point for local leaders to access CTA’s Association Management System.  This access is similar to the CTA 360 mobile app but with additional reporting functionality.  This is a dedicated website that is accessible from any internet browser.

CTA 360Pro has many features a local leader or site representative needs to contact and engage members.  To help you more effectively use some of the powerful features, we’ve assembled some short video tutorials.  Check back frequently for updates.

Two simple steps to get access to CTA 360Pro:

  1. Get trained on the app. Users have two options for training:
  2. Complete this Online Authorization Form for individual and/or group access. CTA will create an account for each user and email their login and password. Please allow up to 3 working days to verify eligibility and to enable access.

Are you a current CTA 360 mobile app user?

If you have already been trained and have access to the CTA 360 mobile app, you can use that same login information to access CTA 360Pro with your Chapter President’s approval.  Watch the training videos and complete a new authorization form to update your access.

CTA 360Pro is designed for local leaders to have access to their entire local.  Authorized access must be renewed every membership year, as appropriate.

Core Functions of CTA 360Pro:

Individual Information

Organization Information

CTA 360Pro FAQ Page