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Important Update

Please note: the COVID-19 information on this page is no longer being updated.

The COVID-19 information on this page is no longer being updated.

Safety continues to be the priority for California Teachers Association. For information about advocating for safe schools, please visit the School Safety page.

COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines offer a major step forward in the fight against the pandemic and provide an important layer of protection for educators and the broader population in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the California Department of Public Health’s fact sheet to learn more about boosters and where to get them.

Yes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved COVID-19 vaccines with the following rigorous scientific standards.  

Similar to other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccination’s common side effects may cause a sore arm, aches, fatigue or fever for a few days after getting the vaccine. Other adverse effects reported are rare but healthcare providers administering the vaccine have the necessary resources in the event of an adverse reaction. You can visit the Center for Disease Control’s website to learn more 

More: NEA Position on COVID-19 Vaccines NEA supports widespread use of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends COVID-19 vaccinations for people age 5 and up. By getting vaccinated, you can lower your risk of contracting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.

If vaccinated children and adults get COVID-19, they are less likely to get severely ill.

Sick leave provisions vary by local contract, but in general, as with any other time you don’t feel well enough to work, sick leave would apply. We recommend working with your local Primary Contact Staff and chapter leadership with any specific questions about sick leave at your worksite.  

Please share when you receive your shot! If you feel comfortable, post to social media about your experience and urge others to join you. Add #ThisIsOurShot to your posts to join the national conversation.  

Educators’ Fireside Chat with Dr. Fauci Regarding Vaccines

Spread the Word! #ThisIsOurShot

Together, we can end this pandemic. Educators will be some of the first in our society to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Your voice is crucial to encourage your friends, families, and broader community to join you to get vaccinated.   

After you receive your COVID-19 vaccination, post to your social media channels about your experience and use the hashtag #ThisIsOurShot

Additional vaccine social media resources are available on the CDC website, too.


I just got vaccinated for COVID-19! Onward to healthy and safe communities. #ThisIsOurShot