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By Julian Peeples

CTA President E. Toby Boyd addressed the State Council of Education this morning – 10 days before an Election Day that could mean a new era of opportunity for all students and their families. Accordingly, here are 10 takeaways from President Boyd’s speech to State Council.

  1. Physical Reopening Only When It’s Safe. “CTA continues to do everything we can to keep students and educators safe during this pandemic. We continue to impress upon the governor and state leaders that schools must have robust testing, tracing and isolation support, along with other preventive measures, before we can safely return students and staff to our classrooms. We also build upon the resources we have for our leaders and members.” #OnlyWhenItsSafe


  1. The Survey Says: Communities Trust Educators. “We surveyed California parents and voters last month and we learned: 84 percent approved the decision to close schools in March; 89 percent say schools should remain in remote learning or a hybrid model; 81 percent say the health and safety of students and staff is a top priority when making decisions about reopening schools; and the only source more trusted than teachers to guide decisions on re-opening is Dr. Anthony Fauci.” #WeAreCTA


  1. CTA is Leading the Way on COVID. “CTA has led on these (health and safety) issues, and the good news is the public is following our lead. We need to translate that support into the funding and resources needed to reopen schools safely. And we will fight back at the state level while supporting you locally against any efforts to reopen before it’s safe.” #InThisTogether


  1. An Injury to One of Our Students is an Injury to All of Us. “We must show our Black, Indigenous and students of color that we see them, we see the systemic roadblocks erected in their path, and we will help them navigate this road until we can build a new one paved with opportunity for all.” #BlackLivesMatter


  1. The Time is Now – Vote. “We have a chance to get desperately needed school funding. On a national level we have a chance to put our country back on the right path. We have a chance to say No to bullying, to racism, to anti-LGBTQ+ policies, to school privatization.” #EducatorsVote


  1. Yes on Prop. 15 – Put Our Schools & Communities First. “Keep talking about Prop. 15 with your friends, colleagues and families. If you’re active on neighborhood message boards or apps, post the facts, urge people to vote Yes and be respectful. The facts are on our side.” #YesOn15


  1. Yes on Prop. 16 – Equity is on the Ballot. “By ending the ban on affirmative action, we can help prevent discrimination and ensure equal opportunity for all. We want to make sure all our students, all Californians, have an equal shot at success.”


  1. No on Prop. 22 – Stand Up for Gig Workers. “We oppose the exploitation of workers by Lyft and Uber. We oppose efforts to deny workers a minimum wage, sick leave, or health care.”


  1. Vote for Justice – No On 20, Yes on 25. “Prop. 20 wastes millions on prisons and would lead to cuts to our schools. It hurts communities, breaks up families and rolls back progress we’ve made on criminal justice reform. Prop. 25 eliminates the money bail system, which grants freedom only to those who can afford it.”


  1. Gone, But Never Forgotten. “Some of you have lost colleagues, friends or family to this awful COVID-19 virus. Many of our students have faced similar losses in their families. Our hearts go out to everyone who’s experienced loss over the past seven months.