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CTA is asking the education community and the public to thank and recognize school support staff. May 22 is Education Support Professionals (ESP) Day and this year’s theme is The League of Extraordinary Educators.

“California’s Education Support Professionals are a vital part of the team who contribute to the success of our schools. They are part of The League of Extraordinary Educators that make up the school community,” said CTA President Eric C. Heins. “The front line of public education begins with that first school bus ride in the morning and ends when the custodian turns off the lights at night. As educators, we know the crucial role played by the thousands of paraprofessionals, office workers, bus drivers, custodians and maintenance staff in our schools. We couldn’t do what we do without the dedication and hard work of California ESPs. And we wouldn’t want to.”ESP2

All told, ESPs make up 40 percent of the total K-12 workplace. In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a school going for one day without ESPs. That’s why students are showing their appreciation for the ESPs who work in their schools. As part of a recent CTA ad campaign Greg Louis, who attends Logan High School in Union City, spoke of a campus security technician with whom he has a close relationship. “He makes sure I have a plan, that I’ve got my homework done. He’s just a really good role model to have.”

Heins encourages the education community to honor and thank ESPs for all they do to keep our students safe, challenged and healthy.

“To our ESP colleagues, thank you for what you do each and every day for our students and our schools,” Heins said. “Together, we provide the quality public education all California students deserve.”

Photo: A scene from NEA’s animated video giving thanks to ESPs.