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Join the fun as “Inspiring Teachers” podcast hosts and CTA members Danny Hauger and Tavis Beem podcast live from Good Teaching Conference-North (GTC) on Saturday, Feb. 8, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

The pair will interview GTC teachers and presenters, education experts and more. The live podcast recording starts at 9:15 in the Hillsborough Room (Fairmont South Tower, 2nd floor) and continues till noon. Drop by and say hi, and take in the pro tips. Register at (or stay tuned for details on listening in remotely).

Here’s a promo they did for the event:

Danny Hauger and Tavis Beem are hosts of “Inspiring Teachers.”

“Inspiring Teachers” is a weekly podcast that explores the “why” of teaching. Past guests have included Michelle Ferre, teacher and vlogger at “Pocketful of Primary”; Melba Beals, educator and member of the Little Rock 9; Dave Burgess, bestselling author of Teach Like a Pirate; and educator Tamara Letter, author of A Passion for Kindness. You can listen to the “Inspiring Teachers” podcast on iTunes, Podbean, Spotify and YouTube: Inspiring Teachers Channel.

In addition to hosting their podcast, Hauger, Liberty Education Association, teaches high school history and social studies; Tavis Beem, Mt. Diablo Education Association, teaches woodshop at Sequoia Middle School. Before he became an educator Hauger worked as a broadcaster and is author of A Broadcaster’s Secret to Teaching.