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The sudden need for parents across America to turn their homes into makeshift classrooms has been a learning moment for many about the dedicated teachers who support their students every day. As social media fills with amusing stories about the challenges of distance learning and “classroom management” at home, parents across the country are developing an even greater appreciation for the patient and supportive educators in their children’s lives.

While we all wade through the new and uncertain environment, there is one constant: the unending support, caring and dedication of America’s educators. And today, National Teacher Day, is the perfect opportunity to tell these amazing people just how much they mean.

“There are countless stories of educators going far beyond the call of duty for their students and their communities,” says NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “Never have all of our nation’s educators been more appreciated and seen—even as they work with students from a distance.”

Americans nationwide are sharing their gratitude and appreciation on social media today with the hashtag #ThankATeacher, and pledging to support and advocate for the educators who nurture students every day. These words of thanks are an ongoing part of this week’s Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 celebration, which has definitely taken on a different meaning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are countless stories of educators going far beyond the call of duty for their students and communities,” says Eskelsen García.

Visit for more ways to thank educators, along with easy-to-use social media tools. And get ready for our big celebration next week here in the Golden State when we celebrate California Day of the Teacher on May 13. This year’s theme focuses on the uplifting power of educators and knowledge: Inspiring Generations.

Add your voice to those celebrating the importance and dedication of educators this #TeacherDay2020 and on #DayoftheTeacher, and let these amazing leaders of learning know how much you appreciate their efforts, especially during this unprecedented crisis. And join educators here in California and nationwide in working to secure more resources for students and our public schools—we fight so all students have the opportunity to achieve and thrive.

Let’s win together for our future. Our students are counting on us.