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The California Labor Management Initiative (CA LMI) Summer Institute returns to San Diego on June 25-26, 2019! These two days of learning will feature panel discussions and breakout sessions on topics ranging from building collaborative cultures to leading change. Hear from school districts who are currently deep in this work as they share their journeys and lessons learned, and experts on building collaborative labor-management relationships in school settings. Plenty of team time is built into the agenda so labor-management teams can work on their plans for the coming school year.

Tuesday’s keynote speaker at CA LMI Summer Institute is author and scholar Andy Hargreaves, an expert on education reform; the nature and future of the teaching profession; effects of reform on schools and teachers; and the relationship between teacher effectiveness and teacher development. Wednesday’s keynote speaker is Santiago Rincon-Gallardo, an “educational change organizer” with experience transforming teaching and learning in public schools and educational systems serving historically marginalized populations.

A pre-conference on June 24 will be available for new districts and new members of current CA LMI district teams. The pre-conference is a great opportunity to hear from districts that are a year or two into the effort of building deep strategic collaboration and district structures to support labor-management partnerships. The pre-conference will also focus on the powerful research data showing the impacts of collaboration on student achievement and staff retention.

UPDATE: This event is currently closed, but is maintaining a waiting list. If you and your labor-management team are still interested in attending and would like to be added to the waitlist, please click here and fill out the form.

What is CA LMI?

The California Labor Management Initiative (CA LMI) is a project of Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation and seeks to engage school system unions and management as collaborative partners in creating, resourcing and implementing solutions resulting in a strong public education system that serves every student in California. CTA is a partner.

Since 2015 the CA LMI has convened public school leaders to advance labor-management collaboration and continuous improvement through peer learning networks and training. The CA LMI facilitates exploration and sharing of research and best practices to build deep enduring cross-sector union-management partnerships in California public schools. The Initiative is guided by a steering committee that includes the state education organizations.

The goal of the CA LMI is to make labor-management collaboration an integral part of improving public schools and advancing equity in California. Click here to learn more about the initiative.