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Celebrate Labor Day & Get Social with Your Solidarity!

On this Labor Day, let us come together to celebrate working people everywhere, the freedom to join unions and the transformative power of labor organizations.

Click here to learn more about how the labor movement is stronger than ever!

Barbecuing on Labor Day? Keep it Union

Check out the AFL – CIO list of union-made products to use.

Ideas for Labor Day 2023 on Social Media

And don’t forget to share why you’re proud to be Union! Use the hashtag #WeAreCTA and #LaborDay on Twitter and Instagram, and tag us on Facebook to let us know.

Share these social media graphics.

Tweets/Posts to show your union spirit.

The more personal, the better!

I'm an educator and a proud union member, demanding a fairer and more just economy for all! #LaborDay #WeAreCTA

Happy #LaborDay! Unions raise standards for EVERYONE. Everyone deserves to retire in dignity. Everyone should have food on the table and a roof over their head. Everyone deserves 8 hours to work, 8 hours to rest, and 8 hours to do what they will. #WeAreCTA

Enjoy #LaborDay weekend, brought to you by the labor movement! @WeAreCTA members have been fighting to make a difference since 1863 and we’re proud to continue that tradition. #WeAreCTA

Happy #LaborDay, thank you and solidarity to workers across the country for all you do to make our nation go. Together, we keep America strong! #WeAreCTA

Consider starting conversations about fair wages, expanding worker protections, equal pay for equal work, and how unions help working people. Approval of labor unions is at a record high this year, so conversations may come up naturally!

Let folks in your community know that unions lift standards for ALL working people. Check out this new and timely analysis from the Economic Policy Institute – it’s a great conversation starter and good to drop into those threads about unions on social media!

Be sure to add these labor-related songs to your playlist.