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After two years of conversations with and feedback from thousands of members, leaders and staff, delegates to the January 2014 State Council unanimously passed CTA’s strategic plan entitled “Our Union Our Future.”

The plan is divided into eight key areas with a set of goals and tasks in each focus area. These goals come together to create a road map for CTA.

Since its adoption, staff and leaders have been working to bring the organization into alignment with the strategic plan.

Just as in developing the strategic plan, a group of staff and members was formed to coordinate the implementation of the plan.

In order to thoughtfully and successfully guide this process, the Long Term Strategic Plan Coordinating Workgroup is embracing an approach known as Appreciative Inquiry, which is a strength-based process that will help CTA build upon its strengths.  

• Download the Full Plan

• Learn about the eight key areas of focus and their goals

• Read the Frequently Asked Questions about CTA's strategic planning process

• Learn more about Appreciative Inquiry

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