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Do you know how much we love you?

— Joanie Fedro


Love our teachers!

— Carrie Walker Ruano


Thank you for your hard work!

— Elizabeth Mena


You are our great heroes!!!

— Eufemia Reyno


Thank you to California State University, Chico, professors!!

— Sandy Davies Huff


Thanks to Sharon and Park Elementary teachers.

— Rhonda Hays


The best career one could have!

— Marian Oddo


Thanks to Promonade Elementary School teachers and staff!

— Usha Solanki


Thanks! My daughter is an academic counselor, supporting students in this pandemic times, good job everyone!

— Evelyn Genove


I’m the fourth of five generations of public school teachers in my family!

— Marilyn McCutcheon Byerley


I am proud to be a teacher and to work with people who care so much.

— Mich Hatfield


❣️❣️Big shout out to all of our fabulous educators! #RockStars ❣️❣️

— Ingrid Williams


Perhaps this virus will bring to light how important our teachers are to our country’s future. Kudos especially to my daughter. 💝

— Sandra K. Griffin


Teachers are the most important people in the education system. The impact of the education provided each individual student is so important, and technology can not replace an excellent teacher. Technology has a definite role to play in today’s world, however when a child enters the education system at an early age, they begin to learn who they are in relation to other learners. Thank you to all the great professional teachers out there, whether early educator or college professor, you assist in shaping the culture of our society!

— Jane Mermelstein


Thanks to all the teachers at Locke Early Ed, also my niece Shanteria Lee we appreciate you job well done 👍

— Patricia Lee


Thank all of you for teaching our children and grand children. 👏🏻👍🏻

—Vicki Combs


I am beyond proud to work with the most amazing teachers at Highlands Elementary in Spring Valley. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you for everything you are doing ❤️

— Renee Moniz Doyle


Love and many thanks to my two Special Educator daughters – you’re amazing, and make me so proud and grateful!

— Sherry Pixley Manning


Thank you all you are doing a outstanding job❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍

— Nancy Marlahan


Thank you Ronnie Cohen for doing a great job. Teacher at Pali High School.

— Esther Cohen


Thank you to my daughter who has been a Special Ed. Teacher for 35 years.

— Sherrill Brown


Thank you all. Hawthorne School District, Torrance Unified School District especially. 😊👏👏👏

— Laura Gilroy Hastings


I have had the pleasure to work with several amazing teachers. They continue to educate children even through a pandemic. They seek the support of parents so learning can continue. I am so proud of the profession and the teachers who continually serve.

— Debbie Fay


All teachers are amazing! Even the ones that were mean to me in school! By the way, I’m now 78 years of age! They deserves recognition, praise and kudos of all kind!

— Fred Graves


Thank you! Mrs. Kinghorn my fourth grade teacher — all these years I am so grateful to you! You ready made a difference to my life! I have been so grateful to many of the educators who helped me with the path life has given me! We are so fortunate to have been so blessed with good education!

— Paula Morey


Much praise to just a few of the fine San Ysidro California teachers that I had the pleasure of working with. Cathy, Nikole, Luli, Laura, Kris, Grant (my ex student!) 💞The ones working now under difficult times. The retired ones: Jeff, Alma, Carl, Janie, Sam, Tere, Therese. 💞I’m retired.

— Karen Allen Field


As Chapter President of the Weaver Teachers Association, I want to give a personal shout out and thank you to the teachers in my district. WETA Teachers are one in a million. They are leaders, advocates and cheerleaders for each and every student on campus. When presented with hardships, our teachers are resilient and flexible. They have one goal……STUDENTS!! From the classroom to Distance Learning, our teachers remember the goal….bring the best to our students.

— Teresa Strube


Educators, you are doing a fantastic job under difficult circumstances. Thank you!


Public school educators have the biggest hearts. My children have learned so much from you – not just the academics, but how to care for others and how to be a catalyst for social change. Thank you!

— Katharine Fong


Thank you all the educators for their hard work, especially the teachers who work in emergency child care head start (community services bureau) including myself, also the site supervisors and managers. I love my school!

— Balsam Nimir


Thank you to all the hard working teachers in the MDUSD! An especially big thank you to Jenni Brennan and Elizabeth Swanson who do everything in their power to put their students needs first. ❤️

— Kristyn Wenzel


I would like to thank all the educators in California, especially the ones in my family and friends and in their families! Just stay safe and one day you will be back with your students and fellow staff.

— Genevieve Morales


Thank you to the educators of the Pomona Unified School District for stepping up during this crisis. I am proud to work alongside all of you!

— Tyra Weis


Thank you teachers and educators for everything!

— Sofia Ortiz


Thank you! Many of you have spent countless hours giving yourselves to our students. I know it has been challenging keeping engagement for some of our students and yet, every week you show up hoping that the outcome has changed. You are resilient and I admire you all for putting in so much work and effort into continuing to deliver the most powerful messages to your students!

— Karina Guerrero


Thank you to every single California educator. This year more than ever you have all given so much of yourselves for your students. You’re truly inspiring and you all make me so proud as a CTA staff member to be able to work with you and to do what I can to support you and your students. You are all the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Frank Wells


I’ve always appreciated educators, but never as much as in the last few months. To educate teenagers who think they already know everything is nearly impossible, and to do it willingly, while also providing a space where they can grow? You are all heroes. Thank you!

— Shelly Bomberry


Mr. DeHart was was first male teacher, of whom I had so many great ones in elementary school. In more “gender normative” times, he showed me how much fun it could be to become an educator!

— Ed Sibby


Teachers know magic! How else can you explain their ability to teach a kindergartener to read? My son’s teacher casts a magic spell on him and poof….he’s reading! To be clear, this magic can only be performed by his teacher. Yes, his mom and dad are teachers too but he doesn’t care. Only his teacher can perform this magic on him. Thank you! You are missed!

— Kathy Vanderzee


Thank you to all the amazing educators who continue to advocate for all our children (including my own) by ensuring they continue to receive the education and physical and socio-emotional support all students deserve!

— Andrew Staiano


Thank you, teachers, for all you do for our children! You are real-world heroes. I wish every day you are treated with the honor and respect that you all deserve! I am honored that my job gives me the opportunity to assist you as you educate our future! I appreciate you all. “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” – Unknown Author

— Gina Domenci

You have helped raise my kids, helped them be successful, in more ways than I could ever have done on my own. You have inspired generations in the past and I am in awe of what you’re doing now. Thank you!

— Cyndi Menzel

Thank you for all you do, and so that I don’t have to. ❤️

— Susan Harper

Thank you teachers for being patient with us especially during these times. You are very much appreciated!

— Jamie, Burlingame High School Student