Governor Newsom & California Teachers Announce Formal Opposition to Prop 30

SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Newsom and California teachers joined together to announce their formal opposition to Proposition 30.

“Prop. 30 is a special interest carve-out — a cynical scheme devised by a single corporation to funnel state income tax revenue to their company,” said Governor Newsom. “California’s tax revenues are famously volatile, and this measure would make our state’s finances more unstable — all so that special interests can benefit. Californians should know that just this year our state committed $10 billion for electric vehicles and their infrastructure, part of a $54 billion nation-leading package to fight climate change and build a zero-emission future. Don’t be fooled. Prop. 30 is fiscally irresponsible and puts the profits of a single corporation ahead of the welfare of the entire state.”

“We agree all Californians deserve clean air – in our classrooms and in our communities. Unfortunately, Proposition 30’s solution is forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab for large corporations. Prop. 30’s narrowly focused tax increase puts a special interest lock box on income taxes that traditionally would fund transitional kindergarten, public schools, community colleges, healthcare, public safety, and other important priorities,” said CTA President E. Toby Boyd. “Prop. 30 will also make it harder for state and local governments to save money for a rainy day. Educators urge Californians to vote NO on Proposition 30.”