Gov. Brown’s Final State Budget Proposal Builds on His Legacy of Commitment to California’s Students, Invests in Our Neighborhood Public Schools

BURLINGAME – Eric Heins, president of the 325,000-member CTA, issued this statement today about the governor’s proposed 2018-19 state budget:

“We commend Gov. Jerry Brown for his leadership and resolve to deliver a surplus budget that fills the Rainy Day Fund and fully funds the Local Control Funding Formula two years ahead of schedule. Educators and students in our neighborhood schools have been doing such good work with the gradual restorations over the last several years. This budget proposal builds on that education investment to make a difference in our communities as teachers, administrators and parents work together to identify priorities for their local students. We’re seeing this increase in revenue thanks in large part to the overwhelming support of voters who passed Proposition 30 in 2012 and Prop. 55 in 2016 to prevent another round of devastating cuts that were so detrimental to our students.”

“We appreciate the governor’s proposed funding for induction programs for beginning teachers and professional development. At a time when we face a critical teacher shortage, we must do everything possible to attract and retain the most qualified to our profession. The proposed increases in funding for Special Education, the state preschool program, childcare, and healthcare for low-income families are also critically important.

“We are taking a closer look and have some concerns about a few items outlined in the proposal such as an online community college and the proposed funding for the vital UC and CSU systems. All students deserve the opportunity for higher education as California needs an educated workforce to fuel our economy. We look forward to having meaningful conversations and working with the governor and the legislature in the upcoming year to ensure they enact a budget that provides all students with the quality public education they need and deserve.”


The 325,000-member California Teachers Association is affiliated with the 3 million-member National Education Association.