CTA Denounces Behavior That Has No Place in Our Schools

Educators are committed to ensuring all students have a safe and nurturing learning environment

BURLINGAME — CTA President E. Toby Boyd issued the following statement regarding a video of a Riverside teacher circulating on social media.

“We are saddened by the video of a teacher engaging in a racially insensitive song and dance during a lesson. CTA values the diversity and rich cultural differences of all our students. We recognize the actions in this video were painful for our Indigenous students and communities. The true lesson here is that we must reflect on the history of racism in our nation and what effect that has on who we aspire to be as a country. We must continue to listen to each other and talk deeply, intentionally and meaningfully about institutional racism if we are to achieve the foundational and aspirational principles of equality and respect.

“The California Teachers Association has a deep and long-standing commitment to human rights, social justice and equity. We work regularly with our local chapters and school districts to further these causes and are committed to working with the educators and parents of Riverside. As the administration’s investigation proceeds, we will ensure that the district provides due process to the employee and continue to do all we can to ensure that our schools remain safe and caring environments for all students and staff.”

The 310,000-member California Teachers Association is affiliated with the 3-million-member National Education Association.