CTA Congratulates Rob Bonta, California’s Next Attorney General

Bonta will be the first Filipino chief law officer

SACRAMENTO – E. Toby Boyd, Kindergarten teacher and President of the California Teachers Association, issued the following statement congratulating Rob Bonta for the historic appointment as California’s first Filipino Attorney General:

“Congratulations to Rob Bonta, California’s newest Attorney General. At this critical moment in time, California needs a chief law officer who is a steadfast advocate for human and civil rights, who understands the struggles and challenges facing our state’s underserved communities. Mr. Bonta has been an advocate for students and a friend to educators, on the floor of the Assembly and on the picket line. On the first chilly February morning of the 2019 Oakland teachers strike, we vividly remember when Bonta arrived at sunrise, grabbing a sign and picketing alongside educators, students and supporters to fight for the schools Oakland students deserve. It’s a memory that illustrates how Bonta’s support of students, friendship to educators and belief in the power of public education goes so much further than words.”

Lisa Gardiner
Claudia Briggs


The 310,000-member CTA is affiliated with the 3-million-member National Education Association.