California Educators Congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris for Historic Inauguration

New Era of Hope, Healing and Humanity for All Americans

BURLINGAME – CTA President E. Toby Boyd issued the following statement today on the historic inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris:

“California educators proudly congratulate President Joseph Biden as he is sworn in today as the 46th President of the United States, and California’s own Kamala Harris, the first woman in history to serve as Vice President. We celebrate President Biden and Vice President Harris, the leaders our nation needs at this moment. We are hopeful they will lead us into a new era of hope, healing and humanity for all Americans. Their unifying and empathetic spirits, which recognize the long-standing inequities and injustices that divide our country, will lead our nation to brighter days.

“President Biden and Vice President Harris are poised to govern with heart and truth, purpose and resolve. These values, along with a strong commitment to science-based approaches to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, to prioritizing equity and equal opportunity for all, and to properly resourcing our public schools and communities, are the welcome change our country needs. Today we turn the page from a dark chapter of hateful rhetoric and division in our nation’s history and begin writing a new one that rebuilds our democracy and is focused on the people, not politics.

“President Biden’s nomination of Dr. Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education is another sign of commitment to our public school students. As an educator, Dr. Cardona will help fulfill the President’s goals of making community college free, tackling the student debt crisis, and ensuring access and opportunity for every student.

“Educators also send their best wishes to former California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who was sworn in today as United States Senator, filling the vacancy left by now-Vice President Harris. California and our six million students will be well-represented in the new administration and in Congress.

“Vice President Harris is not only the first woman to serve in that position, but she is also the first Black woman and the first woman of South Asian descent to serve in such a high office. Senator Padilla is the first Latino senator from California. These new office holders show millions of California students that with hard work and determination, anything is possible, and that diversity is a fulfillment of the American ideal. We look forward to working with members of the Biden-Harris administration and with the new Congress, including Georgia Senators Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock, to provide a quality education and a better future for all California students. The new Senate majority will help the Biden-Harris administration succeed in pursuing its goals focused on forming a more perfect union, for all.”


The 310,000-member California Teachers Association is affiliated with the 3 million-member National Education Association.