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PreK-12 & Adult Education Budget Principles

CTA believes the state and federal government should provide optimal funds for education to allow school districts to fulfill the goals of quality education and provide necessary resources that meet the individual needs of all students. CTA further believes funding for public education is an absolute obligation.

PreK through K12 funding:

  • CTA believes the state must provide funding that moves California to the average of the top ten states in per pupil funding.
  • CTA believes Proposition 98 should be a floor and not a ceiling for education funding. However, CTA believes we must protect the integrity of Proposition 98. CTA opposes any encroachment from non-Proposition 98 programs into the Proposition 98 side of the budget. CTA opposes any action which would reduce the guarantee below its authorized constitutional and statutory funding level.
  • CTA believes that Proposition 98 should be protected from reductions through the creation of new or existing tax credits and giveaways that do not provide clear economic benefits to California, including public education. CTA further believes that existing tax credits that harm Proposition 98 and thus reduce PreK- 12 funding should be carefully reexamined and repealed where there has not been a benefit to the California economy and public education.
  • CTA believes we must support and monitor the Proposition 98 Guarantee certification process to ensure it has been properly implemented and to provide certainty in school funding going forward.
  • CTA believes that the Local Control Funding Formula must continue to be continuously appropriated to ensure the flow of education dollars to California’s public schools without disruption.
  • CTA believes that local school districts should be able to deny charter school applications and renewals based on the negative economic impact on services to students within the local school district. CTA supports increased operational transparency and accountability for charter schools.
  • CTA believes that the Local Control Funding Formula base grant should be increased beyond COLA and should utilize benchmarks to increase the LCFF base grant funding to the national average in overall per pupil funding over the next decade.
  • CTA continues to support supplemental and concentration grants to meet the unique needs of California students.
  • CTA supports additional funding to the California State Teachers’ Retirement System through additional state funding and increased funding for districts to reduce contributions for the duration of the implementation of AB 1469. CTA supports maintaining the integrity and implementation of AB 1469.
  • CTA supports increasing funding for special education. CTA believes providing adequate funding to special education to fully fund the cost of special education is needed to support increased student needs and costs. Existing state and federal mandates for special education should be funded fully before adding new program requirements or incentives.
  • CTA supports maintaining the LCFF and the 3.46 percent COLA for the LCFF.
  • CTA supports the 3.46 percent COLA on remaining K-12 categorical education programs.
  • CTA believes districts that were harmed by recent wildfires must be protected from reductions in revenue in order to provide services and support for remaining students and staff.
  • CTA supports the release of additional Proposition 51 bond funds to support school construction costs.
  • CTA believes Career and Technical Education funding should be increased and the implementation of new or expanding programs should be solely managed within the Department of Education.

Adult Education Funding:

  • CTA supports the principle that all adult students should have access to fully funded adult education curriculum and programs.