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United Educators of San Francisco: Creation of Racial and Social Justice Committee

Whereas, the country has witnessed the deaths of Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd has galvanized hundreds of thousands of protesters to march in cities around the country uplifting Black Lives, demanding justice, and an end to sanctioned police violence.

Whereas, between the loss of Black Lives such as Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Michelle Cusseaux, Tanisha Anderson, Tamir Rice, Natasha McKenna, Walter Scott, Bettie Jones, Philando Castile, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Eric Reason, Dominique Clayton, Sandra Bland, Tony McDade, and many others, have led members to lift up racial and social justice practices.

Whereas, amid the loss of Black life at the hands of the police, UESF continues to support, promote, and advocate for Black Lives Matter and racial and social equity for its members, students, and community.

Whereas, UESF is the collective voice for the San Francisco Unified School District and will embrace and educate members on racial and social equity practices and other efforts to create equitable classrooms and schools.

Whereas, UESF will empower educators, both individually and collectively to dismantle racial injustice in our schools, our community, our profession and reverse historical and social disadvantages that prevent members from participating in the Union.

Whereas, UESF believes in supporting social movements for equity in schools and society through alliances with community partners such as parents, students, progressive education community advocates, and other unions in the labor movement.

Whereas, UESF seeks through this work to address inequities in education and society by supporting struggles that are led by our members and guided by the communities we serve.

Therefore, Be It Resolved, UESF creates the Racial and Social Justice Committee to promote diversity in union leadership with the responsibility to educate members and promote educational justice strategies, fostering the eradication of institutional and structural racism and the root causes of such.

Be It Further Resolved, UESF creates a one-day Racial and Social Justice Conference every spring to create a space for educators, to meet, discuss, exchange ideas, and advocate for curricula and best practices that reflect anti-racism advocacy and ways to dismantle institutional and structural racism.